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I wanted the day to
reflect my own style – I love pastels and all things twinkly. Syon
Park has a gorgeous glass dome that allows you to see the
starsĀ  which was magical and fitted our theme.

Charlie Byrne, 28, married Cameron Boyd, 30, at Syon Park in
West London on 31st July 2015. She says:

Cameron proposed with a
tiara worn inbuywatch
Downton Abbey (I’m a friend of the designer, Andrew
Prince). I’m a magazine jewellery editor, so Cameron knew this was
the perfect way to ask. I had to give it back (unfortunately!) but
Andrew made me a bespoke tiara, with pale blue stones, to
complement my dress.

It felt like I looked at
1,000 different shades of blue for my wedding gown before finding
the right colour. Sylvia Davies Couture and I designed the gown
together; she also made my Communion dress 20 years ago so Sylvia
was the obvious choice to design my big-day dress.

Dessert was really
important to us. Cameron is a brilliant cook, and in our first few
weeks together made me an amazing cheesecake. It seemed right to
have a cheesecake as part of dinner.

My top tip: Make sure you’re certain about which elements you
want your photographer to capture. I didn’t have mine present while
I was getting ready and in hindsight I wish I had.

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