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10 Bridesmaid Fears That You Can Forget with Kennedy Blue

Shouldn’t the experience be easy and—dare I say it—fun? Yes! That’s why I’m introducing you to the new ‘it’ brand: Kennedy Blue

Over-crowded dressing rooms, confusing sizing, inexperienced consultants, busy schedules, and horrible selections—since when did shopping for bridesmaid dresses become so stressful?

This line was created to change the wedding industry—and it has. Our customers were sick of wasting their money on low-quality, outdated styles, not to mention the stressful shopping experience.

Brides were looking for high-quality gowns for an affordable price, so the Wedding Shoppe thought: Why not design them ourselves? Since then, over 30,000 bridesmaids have worn Kennedy Blue!


What makes this line unique? It’s simple:

1. Home Try-On

2. Designed with You in Mind

3. American Sizing

4. Exclusivity

With this revolutionary designer, the customer (that’s you!) comes first.

If you still need convincing, here are the 10 biggest bridesmaid fears you can quickly forget with my favorite designer.


10 Bridesmaid Fears You Can Forget with Kennedy Blue

1.Shady retailers selling low-quality knock-offs.

Kennedy Blue only sells their dresses on their own website and through trusted retailers like the Shoppe!

2. Outdated styles no one will like.

Every look in this line is designed in-house using one key resource: Customer Feedback. You’ll find all of the latest trends in this collection, including sequins, satin, mismatched fabric, and keyhole backs!

Kennedy-Blue-Abigail Kennedy-Blue-Tierney

3. Confusing sizing.

This designer uses American sizing. That means if you’re usually an 8, you’ll likely order an 8! For peace of mind, I suggest you check out our easy-to-follow measurement guide before you order.

4. Unpredictable colors.

Color swatches are available in every fabric and shade found in this collection. Start a home try-on and receive complimentary color swatches that will make wedding planning a whole lot easier! Plan your palette, share them with your bridal party, bring them to vendor consultations, and more.


5. High prices for low quality.

Almost all designers and retailers are living in the past. Their old ways and crazy policies drive prices way up, but the quality continues to go down. Kennedy Blue is focused on high-quality, and every style is less than $200!

6. Gowns destined for the back of a closet.

Sick of tacky gowns you’ll never wear again? We get it! That’s why every design in this collection is wear-again ready. They’re easy to restyle for your next casual night out or formal event.


7. Standing in your underwear for an awkward fitting.

Want to avoid this awkward encounter? Then take advantage of the Home Try-On! We’ll ship up to 3 styles right to your door so you can try them on and take your own measurements in the comfort of your home.

8. Out-of-town ‘maids not being involved.

Tell your faraway friends about the risk-free home try-on. They can try on the looks you’re considering and be a part of the shopping experience! Distance is no longer an issue with this unique designer.

9. Busy schedules making shopping impossible.

Finding it impossible to schedule a bridesmaid appointment everyone can attend? Then pop the champagne, turn up the tunes, and have a try-on party at your own house! The Home Try-On makes this stress-free and fun experience possible.

10. Clashing groomsmen.

Kennedy Blue has created an affordable collection of men’s neckties to make coordinating with your favorite gowns easy.


This designer listens to their customers and delivers what they’re asking for. Learn more about how they’re changing the wedding industry below!

Try on bridesmaid dresses at home.

Picture this: You visit your local bridal boutique, only to face crowded dressing rooms and inexperienced consultants. They don’t provide prices or reliable info, they only offer samples in one size and color, and the sizing is so confusing! Why are they putting you in a 12 when you’re usually an 8? You’re exhausted, your confidence is gone, and eloping never sounded so good. Sound familiar?

Alright, throw out that picture and imagine yourself trying on beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the comfort of your own home.

Did I just blow your mind? Thought so.

With our Home Try-On, you can get up to 3 styles and a handy shopping kit sent straight to you.


How it Works:

1. Select up to 3 Kennedy Blue styles in the sizes and colors you want.

2. We’ll deliver up to 3 samples right to your door! $10 for the first and $5 each for the second and third.

3. Have a try-on party and decide which looks you love most.

4. After 3 days, ship the styles back to us for free with the pre-paid shipping label provided.

5. Enjoy 10% OFF your entire order just for using this easy service.

This convenient service is perfect for out-of-town ‘maids, or anyone who wants to see and try-on their favorite styles before they buy. Every At Home Try-On Kit comes with your selected looks, the fabric swatches of your choice, and measuring tape to help you determine the perfect fit. Sounds like fun, right? Get started >>

Designed with you in mind.

After 40 years in the industry, we know what bridesmaids are looking for and Kennedy Blue delivers. Quality fabrics, flattering silhouettes, supportive necklines, plenty of color options, and unique details—all for an affordable price.

They started with styles like Chloe and Olivia: Versatile and timeless. You’ll find plenty of simple, yet beautiful gowns like these that’ll fit any wedding theme. But what about the brides who embrace fashion and follow trends?

Kennedy-Blue-Chloe Kennedy-Blue-Olivia

No worries! Discover sequins, keyhole backs, mismatched fabrics, illusion necklines, and more in this modern line. The collection is always growing, giving brides and their ‘maids exactly what they need.

Want a little bit of everything? Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses were designed to be mixed-and-matched. Combine different necklines, colors, or even fabrics into one unique, mismatched look that will make your party stand apart.

American sizing.

The #1 frustration with wedding attire is sizing. We’ve all been there! You finally find your dream dress and gasp when you’re told to order it 4 sizes larger than what you’re used to. Talk about a blow to the ego.

Kennedy Blue heard what customers had to say and decided to make a change. Now their bridesmaid gowns use American sizing. If you’re usually a size 8, you’ll likely order an 8! You always deserve to feel confident and beautiful—especially on the big day.

Kennedy-Blue-Riley Kennedy-Blue-Cara-Top-Madison-Skirt

Tip: Even though these gowns use American sizing, we always recommend checking your measurements to be 100% confident with your purchase. Use our easy-to-follow measurement guide to get started >>


Kennedy Blue only sells their products on their own website and through trusted retailers who share their vision. This allows consistent quality and a risk-free shopping experience.

The Wedding Shoppe is thrilled to be one of these exclusive retailers. You can order these gowns online, enjoy the home try-on service, or visit our Saint Paul, Minnesota store to try on every style in-person.

Bridal Gowns & Accessories

This designer isn’t just for your ‘maids. They also carry affordable bridal gowns featuring the latest trends, as well as gorgeous veils to top off your look.

Kennedy-Blue-Harlow Kennedy-Blue-Bridal-Gown-Savannah-Veil-Elise

What about the guys? Coordinating menswear has never been easier with Kennedy Blue ties. These accessories complement the bridesmaid gowns perfectly, and styles start at less than $20.


What are you waiting for?

Stop stressing and start shopping! Kennedy Blue has designed a collection of affordable styles your friends will love and a risk-free shopping experience you’ll actually enjoy. We’re proud of this up-and-coming brand, and we hope you join the 30,000 customers who’ve worn it so far.

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