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Go To Tone Up With These Simple Workout Videos

Enter the Internet: With a simple search, you can find hundreds of fun, easy and free workout videos that allow you to switch up your routine in seconds. We’ve scoured the YouTube world and found a few of our favorites, from a zen yoga routine to a heart-pumping bootcamp fitness circuit. Turn up the tunes and get down and sweaty with these five video workouts—you’ll be looking wedding day-toned in no time. Sometimes, lifting weights and jogging on the treadmill can become a bit redundant.


This No-Equipment Bodyweight Circuit


You’ll forget about that fancy gym equipment while you’re doing this bootcamp-esque workout. The 30-minute session features a warm-up and a series of six bodyweight moves to tighten and tone all areas of your body.


This Strength-Building Yoga Routine


Follow this 40-minute Vinyasa flow video for a relaxing yet productive workout session. You’ll gain flexibility and feel instantly stronger following the step-by-step instruction.


This Pilates-Based Interval Workout


Fitness guru Casey Ho helps you torch calories and build muscle in this quick routine. The alternating 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest will have you feeling sweaty and satisfied by the time the 10-minute video ends.


This Quick Toning Session


All you need for this routine is one dumbbell and five minutes. Back-to- back squats, lunges and shoulder presses provide an effective workout you can fit into your free time.


This High-Intensity Interval Training Routine


Mix cardio with light strength training to burn fat and build muscle all at one time. After this 20-minute video, you’ll feel strong and unstoppable.