Wedding Planning

Give You The Best Ways to Include Your Dad in Your Wedding Planning

Not only is he familiar with every personality involved in the soiree, he’s also a reliable source of support and can follow instructions to a tee. Here are some areas where your dad can be instrumental in getting the job done. The father of the bride is often the most underrated and untapped resource for an engaged couple.

Checking Things Off Your To-Do List

Need someone to scout limousine companies for that perfect stretch? Want to know if the hall you’re considering is really suitable for a large sit-down dinner? Let your dad get to work on some of the logistics and legwork. If he’s helped spearhead family vacations or professional events, he’ll be awesome at these tasks.

Helping Around the House

If menial jobs await—licking 200 envelopes, folding programs, transporting favors, organizing a spreadsheet—ask your dad to lend a hand. He’ll surprise you with his willingness to help, especially if he can do it in his sweats in front of his favorite show.

Making Decisions

Don’t underestimate your dad’s artistic abilities. He may offer the right balance of elegance and practicality when selecting anything from invitations to your groomsmen boutonnieres. Sometimes a straightforward, objective opinion from him is the key to making that tricky decision you’re overthinking.

Letting Loose

You and your dad have a big dance number coming up soon. Prewedding waltz lessons (and the laughter that goes along with them!) can be a welcome break from planning stress. Feel free to let loose with your dad as you practice your sweet number—he might surprise you with his smooth dance moves too.

Curbing Cold Feet

When you’re suffering from pre-marriage jitters, your dad could be a wonderful confidant. Instead of stressing about “until death do us part,” take him out for a cup of coffee and a chat to air any pent up concerns. After all, he’s been in the same position and has done it for years—he’ll definitely have something valuable to say (even if it’s only to say you shouldn’t worry, and how much he loves you).

Tying Loose Ends

No matter how much you try to get done, you’ll always be frantic the day before your wedding. Enlist your dad’s help with last-minute activities like confirming the number of guests with the caterer or calling your vendors to verify the correct time and place or just helping to calm you down.

Keeping Time

At the reception, ask your dad to play wedding coordinator if you haven’t hired one. Write up the event sequence beforehand and tell him to keep track of time. You’ll be amazed how smoothly the reception flows, and he’ll like having the responsibility, especially if he’s not huge on small talk and dance floors.

Show Your Gratitude

The most important thing you can do for your dad is let him know how much you appreciate him, especially during this busy and momentous moment in your life. Don’t forget to write him a sweet note and give him a wedding day gift to convey your gratitude.