Wedding Ideas

Sharing How To Weatherproof Your Wedding

No matter how much you try, you can’t
control the weather (especially in the UK) – so here are a few tips
on how to make sure that the wet weather doesn’t spoil your big
day. It’s every bride’s nightmare – they plan a beautiful summer
wedding but when the day itself comes, they look out of the window
and it’s pouring with rain.


Plan shelter

Making your day a success all comes down to planning and that
goes for the weather too. When you’re scheduling how the day will
pan out, make sure you take the possibility of rain into account.
Of course, it would be lovely if your guests can sip Champagne and
munch on canapes in the gardens of your venue but if it’s raining
is there somewhere else that they can go? Check with the venue and
make sure they can accommodate all your guests.


Be savvy with your flooring

If you’re having a marquee, think carefully about the flooring
you choose. Coconut matting is a cheaper option but if it rains, it
can be difficult to walk on (especially in heels). Invest in wooden
floors and you’ll weather-proof your venue against even Montblanc Replica Watchesthe wettest

Don’t forget the brollies

Make sure you have plenty of umbrellas – especially for the
wedding party. The bride’s should ideally be white (you can get
them at, while the bridesmaids’ can be
white or match the colour scheme of their dresses. Get as many
spare umbrellas as you can for the rest of the guests and put the
ushers in charge of making sure everyone who needs one has one.


Prep your photographer

Make a wet weather plan for the photos. Maybe you could stand
under the entrance of the church or is there a cluster of trees
that are sheltered from the rain? Encourage your photographer to
get creative and think about different options before the day
itself. Disappointing as the rain is, the light actually makes for
a better picture than bright sunshine – and your umbrellas make for
fun props!

Be flexible

Ask the caterers beforehand if they are flexible with timings.
If it’s showery, it might be worth moving the dinner forward half
an hour so guests can be inside while it’s raining and head out
afterwards once it clears.

Weatherproof your wedding dress

If it rains, your dress will inevitably get wet but try and
minimise the damage to longer gowns by opting for one with an
underskirt that can be hooked up. This will help protect the top


Make a joke of it

Hard as it is, embrace the weather. Tell the best man and groom
to make a joke of it in their speeches, request that the DJ play
Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and, if you really want to go for it, swap out
your dainty wedding shoes for a pair of wellies.

Enjoy it

Finally, think about what really matters. It’s not going to be a
disaster if everything doesn’t go completely to plan. This is about
the two of you sharing your big day with friends and family and not
even a rainstorm can ruin that!