Wedding Planning

Show You A Bohemian Beach Wedding

Deciding to have our wedding in Ibiza was an easy choice as both
Tony and I are sun-worshipping beach bums. Ibiza is also a very
special place for me because of its spiritual vibe – I’m an angel
healer and holistic therapist – so it was the perfect spot to get

Alexandra Wenman, 38, married Antony Reed, 40, at La Escollera
in Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Ibiza, on 1 October 2015. She

We stumbled across La Escollera after spending an entire weekend
checking out venues with a wedding planner. They were all
beautiful, but were either too expensive or not quite right. We’d
both given up hope until we stopped off at Es Cavallet Beach andMontblanc Replica
popped into its restaurant – we’d found our venue!

Our theme was ‘heavenly bohemian’. Each of the reception tables
was named after constellations and our table plan was a star map
with the title, ‘Where in the heavens am I sitting?’. In front of
the map I hung a mobile with everyone’s names written within a
shooting star.

We married in London a few days before, which meant we could
have a unique second wedding in Ibiza. We incorporated a mix of
ceremonies such as Native American prayers, Jewish customs, a Pagan
hand-fasting and an angel blessing (everyone has a guardian angel –
my friend and fellow healer, Sabi, wrote a poem to the angels to
bless our union). All of our guests were in tears.

My top tip: Remember that trying to make everyone happy isn’t
going to happen. In the end it’s your opinions that matter.

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