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6 Brides That Didn’t Walk Down the Aisle With Their Fathers

Their stories prove that what’s most important is having an exceptionally special person at your side. There are plenty of brides whose fathers have passed away or aren’t huge figures in their lives, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for the bride’s aisle escort. See whom these real brides chose as equally meaningful figures to do the honors of giving them away on their wedding

An Amazing Mother

“I asked my mom to walk me down the aisle. I knew she felt uncomfortable initially and she immediately insisted I ask my grandfather, since she believed he would be a better fit for the traditional role. I explained that I asked her because she was an exemplary role model in my life of a strong woman, raising three girls by herself, filling the roles of both mother and father, and I needed her support and blessing more than anything.” —Britt

A Meaningful Colleague

“An officer in the United States Marine Corps that I respected highly walked me down the aisle. My father had died when I was young and my husband and I both served as Marines.” —Kathryn

Irreplaceable Uncles

“Family is really important to me and with my dad deceased and grandfather not well enough to walk, my two uncles did the honor at my sunrise wedding. The youngest started first and at the halfway point, he passed me to my oldest uncle who then led me to my husband-to-be.” —Joronda

The Bride’s Best Friend

“I was walked down the aisle by my black labrador, Kiva. I hadn’t been able to locate my father, so Kiva was the logical next choice. She had a flower decorated collar and leash, and my guests chuckled as we made our way down the aisle. Kiva sat politely during the ceremony and when it was time for the officiant to ask, ‘Who gives this woman to this man?’ Kiva barked. Of course we had worked with her so that when she was pointed at, she barked. And a cookie appeared as her reward. The guests loved it, and I will always fondly remember that day!” —Denney

A Trusted Friend

“My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 24 and died almost exactly one year later. The evening he passed away, his best friend was understandably really broken up, and I asked him if he would walk me down the aisle some day as I knew my dad would want him to. I wasn’t even dating anyone serious and he agreed. Fast forward three years later, when it was time to walk down the aisle, and there was ‘Uncle’ Jim holding my dad’s bible, which I carried down the aisle. I was a bit worried about the lights going out as there was a horrendous thunderstorm outside of our church. My dad happened to love shooting off fireworks and in a moment of inspiration during his speech, my uncle said the thunderstorm was my dad’s way of setting off fireworks during the ceremony so we would know he was with us. It remains the most special memory of that day.” —Tracey

The Dynamic Duo

“My husband and I chose to walk down the aisle together rather than having me walk with someone else or by myself. We felt like our ceremony was exactly that—ours—and we wanted everything to reflect that. We had already been partners for nearly two years before the wedding, and this was a decision we were making together, in all of the pieces and details.” —Kit