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You Should Play Along With Our ‘Bachelorette’ Bracket Each Week

We can already tell the house is host to some interesting characters. A suitor in a Santa Claus suit? Check. A cowboy on a unicorn? Check. An a cappella serenade, piano sonata and one painful-looking belly flop in the pool? Check, check, check. And, as always, for some, their first impression was also their last. We were crushed to see some cuties go, and even more surprised to see some troublemakers get a rose (maybe JoJo thought Daniel’s awkward YouTube references were endearing?). But we’re still going strong with our final rose pick, dashing former pro quarterback Jordan Rodgers. Oh, what a night! The premiere of ABC’s The Bachelorette got right to the good stuff as JoJo Fletcher met and mingled with her 26 potential matches.

So which handsome gent will be the winner? Meet the whole cast on The Bachelorette site here, then fill out your handy dandy bracket if you haven’t already (keep scrolling for the bracket template). And don’t forget to follow along with The Knot editors’ bracket each week! So, how’d we do after last night’s premiere? Check it out here.

The Knot Editors’ Bracket:


Drag this bracket onto your desktop, print it out, then make your predictions (good luck!):

The Bachelorette 2016 JoJo Fletcher bracket