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5 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Therefore, your bae’s dropping hints about putting a ring on it.

Most brides-to-be spend an extensive amount of time on Pinterest, figuring out how to make their big days unique. They opt for barns over stuffy banquet halls and mason jars instead of floral centerpieces. Pink gowns are now chosen over virginal white and grooms trade in sensible loafers for Converse All Stars.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

When we’re doing away with tradition in favor of unique decor, why not abandon old-fashioned diamonds for a gemstone that’ll ensure your ring finger sets the tone for your off-beat wedding?

When you think about it, choosing an ornate stone over a plain Jane diamond makes perfect sense. Women aren’t cookie-cutter versions of one another, coordinating fingers to fit some archaic diamond-only tradition.

In addition to the insane amount of money (an average of $4,000) you’d be saving by not going with diamonds, and the ethical concerns (“Blood Diamond” is about more than Leo’s accent), each bride is unique and deserves a staple piece of jewelry that vibes with her personality.

Is she fiery like a ruby? Romantic like a pearl? Maybe she’s whimsical and effervescent like an opal or moonstone. So please, scroll through for some much-needed inspiration. There are plenty of stones in the sea (um, earth).Let’s discuss this stunning Moissanite stone that actually mimics a real diamond in color, weight and clarity.

Moissanite Engagement Ring

This radiant solid yellow sapphire is sure to blind your coworkers.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Yellow sapphire

Who needs a 2-carat rock when you have this mesmerizing opal stone to show off?

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Brilliant Earth

Channel Helen of Troy with this Grecian-inspired tanzanite stunner.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Melanie Casey Jewelry

Would you rather have a tiny diamond that costs a fortune, or adorn your finger with this aquamarine beauty?

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

MS Jewelers

My vintage-obsessed ladies, I dare you not to fall in love with this timeless emerald ring surrounded by shiny opals.
Non-Traditional Engagement Rings