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5 Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

With the much anticipated wedding season fast approaching, the need to have the Best Bhangra Wedding Songs is more important than ever.

We present a countdown of the best Bhangra wedding tracks to guarantee that the dance-floor at your event is absolutely rocking. Try not to get too excited at the thought of singing and dancing along to these huge Bhangra bangers!

5. Malkit Singh ~ ‘Mama Bada Great’

One for all of the family. Quite literally for all of the attending family.

Malkit gives a mention to plenty of Desi family members including the: mama, mami, chacha, chachi, massar, massi, phupar, phua, mummy and daddy.

It is beautiful for the newlyweds to be able to dance with all of their immediate family to a song made specifically for them.

The catchy Bhangra wedding tune creates an absolute wedding smash hit. It is sure to have the entire family involved, and that is exactly what weddings are all about.

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

4. PBN ~ ‘Fitteh Moo’

One of the best bhangra wedding songs to play, with the potential to create an amazing atmosphere, if played correctly.

DJ’Kay, founder of Birmingham based DJ Company – Ultra Sounds Entertainment, says:

“This song can turn a good party in to a great, or unbelievable, one and my job is to do just that for the audience.

“I love holding up the music, and organising a ‘Men vs Women’ dance-off! Crowds love it, it’s great to see people of all ages dancing and getting involved.

“Don’t use this, but I always call it as a draw afterwards – don’t want to upset anyone haha.”

‘Fitteh Moo’ is a prequel to the later released, and also fantastic wedding tune, ‘Saa Charju’.

“Crowds love it, it’s great to see people of all ages dancing and getting involved,” he added.

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

3. Geeta Zaildar ft. Miss Pooja ~ ‘Chitte Suit Te’

Geeta Zaildar’s ‘Chitte Suit Te’ is next on our list. His collaboration with Miss Pooja is a real favourite at any Punjabi party.

Speaking of his productions with Miss Pooja, ‘Seeti’, is another very popular one created by the pair.

Look forward to quite possibly hearing, and dancing to, both of them at any events you have coming up.

After its release in 2008, the song is aging but has lost none of its crowd appeal and remains to be one of the most popular songs at Desi parties.

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

2. Diljit Dosanjh ft. Yo Yo Honey Singh ~ ‘Lak 28 Kudi Da’

This song currently divides opinion. The majority of people think it is fantastic; the song reached Number 1 on the official Asian Download Chart soon after its release.

Following complaints, Punjabi superstar, Diljit Dosanjh, recently apologised for his part in this track. He has now vowed to not sing it live again.

Regardless though, ‘Lak 28 Kudi Da’ is a real smash bhangra wedding hit – especially for a party, when many women look and feel the most beautiful.

Roar Sounds’ DJ Gurms says: “Despite the controversy surrounding this song, no party would be complete without it.”

1. Balvir Boparai ~ ‘De De Gera’

Here we are at number 1!

This Bhangra wedding song doesn’t quite have the same widespread appeal as a couple of the ones before it, but is very commonly requested by partygoers.

When played, sheer excitement and euphoria is created by those who are ready to dance to it.

‘De De Gera’ has a traditional dance linked to it where two dancers cross their arms, and hold hands before swinging in a circular motion during the chorus.

It is great to see such excitement and joy at weddings, and we recommend for you to try the dance at your upcoming event!

Birmingham based group, B21, Jags Klimax, and Apna Sangeet all very narrowly missed out on our Top 10 with their hits ‘Darshan’, ‘Heer’, and ‘Apna Sangeet’ respectively.

You are sure to agree, however, that neither is completely able to displace any of the Bhangra classics that we have provided you with.

Jalandhar born – Punjabi superstar – Diljit Dosanjh was close to making two appearances in our top 10. Diljit, and his hit track, ‘Patiala Peg’, DJ Gurms says:

“He [Dosanjh] is a newbie to the bhangra industry, but is very popular with all age groups.

His songs, ‘Patiala Peg’ in particular, are sure to be played at almost every Punjabi wedding.”

We hope you are able to enjoy all of these brilliant Bhangra wedding hits and more, at your upcoming events and occasions!

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs