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Jewelry Store Losed Woman’s Wedding Ring

Brides beware. The wedding ring you thought you’d have forever could disappear from your jewelry store all of a sudden.

It happened to a woman in Commerce City who then contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers for giving a hand.

Megan Storhaug’s husband dropped her wedding ring off at the Zales store inside Park Meadows Mall in early February to have it plated.

Woman’s Wedding Ring

This weekend, Megan Storhaug went to pick up her ring only to be handed a ring that wasn’t hers.

“I looked down and I shrieked. No joke. It was literally, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is not my ring,’” she said.

The store had lost her ring. Storhaug said a salesman told her the store sends its rings to a third-party contractor for repairs and it vanished. Storhaug left the store with no guarantee she’d ever see hers again.

The Problem Solvers called the store to make an attempt at learning what was being done to find the lost wedding ring. We were referred to the store’s website by a company spokeswoman, but Zales refused to answer questions regarding any kind of lost jewelry policy.

Nonetheless, the store told Storhaug it would replace it if it couldn’t be found.

The store called Storhaug  to let her know the ring had been located. The catch? She was told she can’t pick it up but was given no explanation why.

Woman’s Wedding Ring

“When it happened, the assistant manager didn’t even apologize or acknowledge that they were going to try and help. It was more or less, ‘Oh, you recognize this?’ Like I was the inconvenience,” she said.

In spite of being assured the ring has been found, Storhaug isn’t breathing a sigh of relief just yet.

“Absolutely not. All trust is out the door,” she said.