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Give You 3 Ways To Cut Costs On Wedding Flowers

As anyone who’s planned—or is planning—a wedding knows, a total budget can be blown quicker than you are able to say, “I do!” There’s more to think about than the venue, the dress, and the food—and it’s generally the seemingly secondary accouterments that can sneak up on you and eat away at your budget. However there are ways to save substantial money without sacrificing style or quality. One way to cut costs is to trim the flower budget. Here’s some advice from local pros on just how to do it.

1. Keep Your Guest List Manageable

“The biggest determiner of a flower budget is the number of guests,” says Susan Orts of Rubrums Florist in Ossining. “If you’re planning a wedding with 100 guests, it’s going to be 10 centerpieces at $100 per table. That totals $1,000. If you have 150 or 200, that doubles your flower budget.”

Wedding Flowers

2. Go for Big Blooms

“Use flowers that give you a bigger bang for your buck,” advises Chimes. “Hydrangeas are great because they’re bigger flowers and will take up more space. For example, most people want to use peonies, which cost from $10 to $20 a stem. It takes three to five peonies to take up the space of one $7 hydrangea.”

 Wedding Flowers

3. Place Flowers Where Guests Will Appreciate Them

“Concentrate on putting your money where guests are going to enjoy the flowers the most,” says Orts. “For instance, it makes more sense, if you’re on a limited budget, to put more of your flower budget into centerpieces, where people can see them throughout the event.”