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Show You Bizarre Dream Wedding Ceremony

Having a budget beyond a bride’s wildest dreams must be nice, however speaking of planning his dream wedding, Young Thug is taking the reigns himself.

Bizarre Dream Wedding Ceremony

Now, the rapper is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Jerricka Young, and detailed his dream wedding in a recent interview with GQ, sharing that the occasion would be “like Heaven’s Gates.”

“My mom would cook, of course,” Thugger says, discussing his ideal menu. “She cook everything. Neck bone. She like real, real, like, motherf***in’ Black people food. Like oxtail and s**t. All kinda crazy s**t.”

Elaborating his plans further, the rapper went on to share that Kanye West and Bob Marley would make up the soundtrack in equal parts, when one million people would casually be in attendance.

Bizarre Dream Wedding Ceremony

“I want everyone to see it.”

Everyone?! Well, a million people would do, we suppose.

We doubt what his fiancée has in mind for the couple’s future wedding, and if she would be on board with such a large guest list — and let alone, we’re curious if his mother would be up for the challenge of cooking her son’s favorite soul food for a million stomachs, no less.