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Stellarton Police Seeking For Owners Of Two Engagement Rings

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Police in Stellarton, N.S., have two diamond engagement rings in their possession found on separate occasions in different parts of town.

Const. Nancy MacCulloch of Stellarton Police says both are engagement-style rings and solitaires.

“They have been found in the town of Stellarton,” said MacCulloch. “They’re here with us to reunite them with their owners.”

And police won’t say where or when they were found or give details about sizes, weights or markings on the jewelry. They’re hoping it will help the rightful owner identify and claim them.

“The officer that one of the rings was turned in to, he did take the ring to a jeweller and had it looked at,” said MacCulloch. “They estimate that that ring has a value of roughly $4,000. The other ring has not yet been taken to a jeweller for estimation.”

The value of a diamond engagement ring is normally measured in emotional attachment, as well as cost.

“It’s part of you,” said New Glasgow resident Katy Fraser. “I had one stolen a few years ago but … I wasn’t able to find that one.”

Laura Smith just received her engagement ring at Christmas. She has nothing but praise for the Good Samaritans that found the lost rings.

“It says a lot about the particular people who did turn it in, and that they recognize the value and significance of it,” said Smith.Engagement Rings

That’s why police are wishing to have a happy ending to the story.

“I would think that the owners of these rings would have gone through an incredible amount of stress. If it had been mine, I would have been out of my mind until I found the ring,” said MacCulloch.

Police are expecting the extra media attention will help track down the owners of the rings. If they can’t be found, the rings could be returned to the honest people who found them.