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Give 5 Wedding Ideas For Bride

Give 5 wedding ideas for bride. Therefore there is no denying the fact that it is good for bride.

1. The Accessories

Think monogrammed cufflinks and colorful team socks for the guys. As for the bride, not many people will actually see your garter so if you want to have one that’s in your favorite team’s colors, go for it, urges wedding planner Kelli Corn of Kelli Corn Weddings & Events.

Wedding Ideas For Bride

2. The Photo Booth

Take one for the team, and turn your photo booth into a game…well, sort of! Celebrity event designer Brett Galley of Hollywood POP recommends stocking your photo booth full of fun sports-themed props and/or having each guest create their own sports magazine cover as their photo favor.

3. The Wedding Monogram

If you both root for the same team, why not consider a subtle use of the logo for your wedding monogram? “While it’s true that team logos are predominantly made up of thick block letters and wedding monograms are typically swirly and romantic, a combination of both design elements can successfully be achieved by a talented graphic designer,” says Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner. And the applications for it are literally endless! “It can be utilized as a light projection on the dance floor or walls, on stationary items such as menus and seating cards, as well as beverage napkins and signage.”

Wedding Ideas For Bride

4. The Favors, Table Numbers, and Escort Cards

Mini basketballs, footballs, etc. branded with your team’s name are always a fun idea for favors. As for escort cards, these can actually be designed to look like tickets to the big game. Get creative with your tables and use the jersey numbers of your favorite players to label them.

5. The Signature Drinks

In the south, wedding planner Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events, tells us that rarely does a wedding go by without an alma mater somehow incorporated into it. One idea she’s a big fan of is either naming your signature drinks after your favorite teams or having them served in your team colors, something your guests can definitely enjoy!

Wedding Ideas For Bride