Flowers Wedding Planning

By Sola Flowers Canada To Make Your Wedding Memories Everlasting


In order to assure that every detail of your wedding day is perfect, such as your flowers, visit Hamilton’s Sola Flowers Canada to craft your unique arrangements. Imagine not having to worry about which flowers are fresh and in season when you get married, and just pick the styles and colours you like best. There’s no fear that your flowers will wilt or brown before they’re fully enjoyed, because Sola Flowers Canada designs wedding arrangements and bouquets using everlasting sola wood flowers rather than fresh cut.

Sola wood is a soft and malleable material that’s derived from the tapioca tree. The flowers are handcrafted and coloured by artisans, and imported and arranged by the talented craftspeople at Sola Flowers Canada to suit preferences. Unlike fresh or silk flowers, Sola wood flowers can be dyed to perfectly match your particular wedding colours as well.  Submit a colour swatch and have your arrangements made to coordinate your unique wedding colour scheme.

By Sola Flowers Canada To Make Your Wedding Memories EverlastingChoose the blooms you such as best and Sola Flowers Canada will make you beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages that you and your wedding party and family is able to hold onto and cherish for years to come.  Even you can have a personalized wreath made to announce your event!  Display your custom wreath at the entrance to your ceremony or reception, or hang it front-and-centre on your head table for a unique touch to personalize your wedding décor.

Miss the fragrance of real flowers? Aside from customizing the colours, Sola Flowers Canada can add scents to the wood flowers to add to their splendor. Have your bouquet smell as lovely as a spring garden any time of year! Whether you’re married in May or October, your flowers will always look fresh.

Just as with fresh flowers, your Sola Flowers Canada wedding bouquets and arrangements will each be one of a kind. Just as in nature, no two blooms are identical. On your special day you want a bouquet as unique as you are, not a cookie cutter arrangement like you might get with plastic or silk flowers.

If you’re striving to host an eco-friendly wedding, you can rest assured that Sola Flowers Canada’s wood flowers are completely green. Tapioca wood is a renewable resource making these flowers an excellent choice for earth conscious couples. If down the line you do want to say goodbye to them, they are completely bio-degradable, so you won’t be adding to the landfill if you decide to discard them after the wedding.

That said, you can definitely keep them for many years to decorate your home, and to remind you of one of the happiest days of your life.  Sola wood flowers are your “forever flowers” solution, without needing to take extra steps to preserve them.


Would you like to save money?  Here’s the best part: Provide a written quotation from any florist for fresh wedding flowers, and Sola Flowers Canada will insure to beat the estimate by 20 per cent, or more!  Why pay extra for fresh flowers that will eventually wilt and die?  Save your money and keep your cherished flowers always.