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Beauty And Fitness Are Two Musts For Wedding Prep

Beauty And Fitness Are Two Musts For Wedding Prep

Recently, a wedding planning website informed me that there are about 300 days until my wedding, therefore it’s time to start thinking about a beauty and fitness regimen.

I happen to love this site, and it has been a lifesaver since I started planning. The monthly checklists keep me from becoming overwhelmed, and it has handy pointers for things very few people know anything about, as what should be included in your venue contract and when you should mail save-the-dates.

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As a result, in many ways, it’s super useful. Nonetheless holy panic! A beauty and fitness regimen that begins a year before the big day? Unless I am going to literally turn into Beyonce by doing this; it seems a little aggressive for somebody who is generally cool with her looks.

The minute I read this, I began thinking about what is actually a worthwhile investment of time and money when it comes to beauty. This is a time when I want to stick to a bit of a budget so my guests have chairs to sit in, and I also want to look like myself, hence where should I put my resources? I consider it’s different for everyone, however below are my must-haves and do-not-needs.


Regular haircuts. I have often waxed poetic about my amazing hairstylist, whom I’ve been seeing for a long time now. I couldn’t wait to tell him about getting engaged; he was almost as excited as I was, and we immediately launched into what I would do with my hair for the big day.

Currently it’s shoulder-length, and I certainly want to grow it out so I can have an updo. My stylist and I discussed moving my cuts from eight weeks apart to 10 weeks apart so my hair can grow but stay healthy. It’s important to have an expert helping you with this stuff, and, in general, you want great hair even if you’re not getting married.

Skincare regimen. As someone who had a lot of skin problems in her teens, I know how much acne and other conditions can affect self-esteem. Not only is a good skincare regimen important to me for my wedding, but it’s important on a daily basis so I feel good about myself. My policy with skincare is simple: Use what works. I use my tried-and-true products, even if they’re a little pricier than drugstore brands.

Wedding Beauty

Basic gym membership. Toning up to wear that dress is only a small part of why this is important to me. In a year that will be completely nuts as far as people to see and things to do, I can take 45 minutes for myself to exercise and stay sane. And I need the membership because it’s frigid in Chicago.

Do not need

Spray tanning. It costs $30 and wears off in three days, people. My spending of exorbitant amounts of money on things that last a hot second will be reserved for my floral arrangements, thank you very much.

Specialty gym membership. Unless you’re a serious athlete or yogi, or have one thing that you actually enjoy more than any other workout, you perhaps don’t need monthly memberships to Pure Barre, Bikram, spinning and boxing. A regular gym offers a lot of these classes with your regular membership, and when they won’t specialize in that particular thing, there’s generally a great teacher or two in the mix. For additional things you love to do, look into punch cards for five or 10 classes thus you don’t have to go a certain number of times per month to make it worthwhile.

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