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Enjoy The Fun And Whimsical Cake Topper

Fun And Whimsical Cake Topper

Gone are the days of the ‘traditional’ bride and groom cake topper. Currently it’s all about modern and “playful” decor for the top of your wedding cake.

Of course, I’m gonna miss those porcelain figurines atop a white wedding cake.

However seriously, all joking aside … actually I do love seeing fun and whimsical cake topper on wedding cakes. Heck, I’m even a fan of just using fresh blooms to accent the top of your cake.

To tell the the truth,as long as the cake topper adds beauty to the cake I say go for it!

And this “hooray” cake topper is my new favorite probably. I love the simplicity of it and the fun that it adds to the cake as well. Because actually, what else is there to say to the happy couple? “Hooray!” actually seems to say it all.

This cake topper is fun, and contemporary, and not at all boring.

Now,you are able to find this ‘hooray‘ cake topper in our website.