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5 Wedding Surprises Every Bride Should Prepare For

5 Wedding Surprises Every Bride Should Prepare For

1. You won’t spend a lot of time with your new spouse.

This sounds odd, but it’s something you should prepare for.

Getting ready will take up a huge portion of your day, and you definitely won’t be doing that together. You may mingle together during your reception, but it’s common to get pulled apart.

With so many people to see, it may be easier to tackle them separately.

If this time apart makes you nervous, there are a few ways to get alone-time that are easy to fit into any wedding schedule.

If you decide to do a first look (check out the pros and cons >>), this is a great opportunity to get some moments together. After the first look, consider having a 1 to 2-hour photo session for just the two of you.

After your ceremony has ended, have 10 minutes to yourselves. You just got married. Take it in! Assign one person to come and get you when the 10 minutes is up—that way there are no unwanted interruptions.

2. You’ll experience a huge power trip (and will probably enjoy it).

You are the BRIDE. This means you call the shots all day.

If a vendor does something you don’t want, you can tell them to fix it. If a guest gets out of control, you can kick them out.

This is the sort of power you dream about—enjoy it! Just don’t become a Bridezilla.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

3. You won’t want to eat.

But you have to. You’ll have nerves all morning and afternoon, which will make food and water sound unappealing. But those nerves will also make that third mimosa sound ideal—be careful, brides!

You have to eat. Not only do I want you to remain conscious throughout your ceremony, but you need energy to keep you going all day.

Assign a bridesmaid to your food intake. Don’t snap at them when they force a granola bar down your throat.


4. You won’t dance all that much.

This one definitely bums me out. Unfortunately, you’re required to speak to as many guests as you possibly can—even if this leads into the dance hour.

Social hours make mingling easy to accomplish, so consider inserting one between the ceremony and dinner.

Note: If you have a social hour, all photos need to be taken before the ceremony. But more time with your friends and family will make this schedule change worthwhile.

5. Your feet are going to kill.

Photos, mingling, dancing…it’s no wonder!

Choose your shoes based on style and comfort. Wear them around the house as much as possible before the wedding day to break them in.

I also recommend finding a great pair of flats for your reception.