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Jo Nesbo is considered the king of Scandi crime

10 best summer reads

Jo Nesbo is considered the king of Scandi crime fiction and this short pager turner shows why. It follows Olav, a hitman who ‘fixes’ anyone who gets in replica ray bans his boss’s way, whose life is complicated when he falls for the wrong woman. Delivered with simplistic brevity, it will wake you up from a siesta.

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Written before To Kill a Mockingbird, yet discovered over 50 years, this revisits the characters twenty years on as they react to the events occurring in America in the mid 1950s. Re read the original first to re immerse yourself in Scout and Atticus discount fake oakleys Finch’s world.5. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. Well, now you can be, thanks to Klaussman’s work starring Gerald and Sara Murphy, the real life wealthy American couple who entertained the “Lost Generation” at their home on the French Riviera. The 1920s is a seductive era and this tale of love and sacrifice brings it glitteringly alive anew.

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If, like us, you grew up with Blume’s books for teenagers, you’ll devour her first adult work in 16 years. The protagonist looks back on a year in the early 1950s when a series of plane crashes changed lives in her New Jersey hometown. Dealing with friendships, family and rites of passage, the characters stick with you.

Buy nowFor replica oakley sunglasses an enchanting, uplifting read, try Nina George’s international best seller The Little Paris Bookshop. It’s the sort of book that acts as a soothing tonic as you read cheap replica oakleys so the perfect accompaniment to relaxing in the sun. Harper Lee’s Go Set oakleys outlet a Watchman may well be as influential as it’s prequel. Order it now so you’re holiday reading ready come mid July.