First Dance Songs; Song Ideas for Hopeless Romantics

First Dance Songs; Song Ideas for Hopeless RomanticsWe feel a bit mushy after putting this playlist together!

As you know, we have a serious penchant for wedding music, and are often working away on our Spotify page making playlists, and adding new songs to our favourite old ones.

And today, seeing as we were feeling the love, we wanted to share our ultimate picks of first dance song ideas (it did start as a small list, but as always, we just couldn’t stop!

Your first dance is one of the most special moments of your wedding, it’s iconic, it’s romantic, it’s fun.

It’s a culmination of all your hard work, and your last ‘duty’ as a couple, before you get to let your hair down and party.

So make it count, with a song that’s really special, personal, and quintessentially ‘you’.

First Dance Songs; Song Ideas for Hopeless Romantics

With quirky whistle-along numbers, (Vance Joy, Riptide), slick R’n’B tunes (Boyz II Men, I’ll Make Love To You), nostalgic movie ballads (Elvis Costell, She), and acoustic covers (John Mayer, XO); whether you’re a little bit country or a lot indie, we reckon this playlist has at least one song that will hit home with you and your other half.

Selecting your first dance song is often a hard choice, because you want something meaningful without being cheesey, romantic without being too intense, a song that fits in with the feel of your day, and one that’s not too fast, but not too slow either.

It’s tough!

But we think we’ve cracked it…


First Dance Songs; Song Ideas for Hopeless Romantics

Just close your eyes, picture you, your new spouse, a spotlight, and a room full of your best friends and closest family.

Now press play…

Now you just have to decide which one is your favourite! (Don’t forget to follow the playlist too, so you can share it with your other half.)

Are we the only ones feeling the love after that?