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10 hidden costs of travelling abroad

10 hidden costs of travelling abroad you need to know

Though most departure fees are included in the flight ticket but quite a few countries like Hong Kong, Columbia charge a departure fee. This fee may add up to your cost especially if you are planning for travelling to different places. Thus, while booking the flight tickets check whether the departure fees is included or not and then assign the budget accordingly.

The last minute shopping of clothes, accessories and shoes, those souvenirs for the friends are the few things that will surely add up your baggage charges! So, instead of paying a small fortune for extra baggage charges you can rather invest in luggage scale.

If you plan to use your debit/credit card during cheap nike Cyber Monday your trip then keep in mind that you will have to incur some additional amount of fees along with the rate applied to the currency exchange. So, it’s better to get a Matrix cheap jordans FOREX card that offers best rate for currency exchange and also could be used as debit card in case you need money nike schuhe damen for your shopping in local markets of the country.

After the recent Greek crisis, the holidaying in Greece is going to be much more costly as the sales tax to be applicable on all food and beverages is going to increase from 13% to 23% and the hotels would see room sales taxes rise from 6.5% to 13%! Think that’s it? Think again. There are several countries like Cuba, Kenya, and Cancun in Mexico who charges departure taxes while you are all set nike schuhe herren to board your flight from their international airports! Such cases could lead to a bill shock if you are not aware of it!

Getting to and from the airport

Well this is a cost not all of you might have thought of. It’s not economical to drive to the airport and park the car for the duration. Hire a cab, take the metro route if available or a bus all you need to do is just leave well before time in order to avoid the hassle of public transport. Also, plan ahead the best possible mode for reaching the hotel after arriving at the destination. For this, the hotel you booked could provide the proper assistance else ask the almighty Google!

Though they seem to be luxurious, but are expensive. Earlier the rule was pay as you eat but now the situations have changed. Some hotels charge a “restocking fee even if you just open the door to the mini bar! To avoid massive bills, get a few snacks from the local store.

The tipping rule varies from one country to another. Generally it’s 10 15 percent of the total bill which could be either included or charged additionally by the restaurant. Consult a local or refer to the guide book to know the exact etiquette that is followed in the country.

Using the hotel Wi Fi is assumed to be free. But is it really? Well not always. Only few hotels provide a free Wi Fi while the rest charges some fees. Also, it’s not a good idea to waste your holiday looking for a free Wi Fi cafe. The best alternatives that could be used are either opt for a pocket Wi Fi or preferably get the data service activated on your international SIM card which could be both economical and speedy.

The international calls and data usage could add up to your bill. But still no matter what you will need an international SIM card for the trip. The best idea to save on this expense is to choose an international SIM card with free roaming as well as cheaper calls and data. It’s better to go for the pre paid ones which has the facility to recharge online from anywhere across the globe. Wondering which SIM to choose? Try the international SIM card from Matrix Cellular they always manage to provide the best deal. For your convenience I am sharing the contact details (call +91 9811288888) and the link.

Just a few prior preparations and your wise decisions could help you save these hidden costs in your next trip abroad. Don’t forget cheap black friday nike shoes to share your experiences with us. Happy Travelling!