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8 mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

It’s a great idea to keep a safety kit handy with some basics so your wedding day runs like clockwork. Pop a few safety pins in and a need and thread, plasters for sore tootsies and wet wipes are great just incase someone marks your dress.

8  mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

1: Personal touches. Not everything has to be brand new or unfamiliar. Look in your current jewellery box. A family heirloom can provide comfort and confidence, too.

2: Get ahead.Headwear, similarly, must suit your dress and theme. Remember Carrie’s OTT feather fascinator in the first Sex and the City film? Even the most ardent fashionista had reserves about that one. Tiaras can also be overkill if they are too weighty. Look into the other options – a jewelled headband, combs, pins, flowers…

8  mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

3: Don’t forget the groom.While jewellery shopping is lots of fun, don’t forget your fiancé – we sell cufflinks in our range that are ideal for the groom, or as gifts for the groomsmen.

4: Celebrity style. Don’t ignore celebrity styling just because you are on a budget. Look at red carpet events as well as A-list weddings then hunt out affordable alternatives.

5: Stick to what you know.It pays not to deviate too much from your usual look or style on your wedding day. Again, your jewellery box should help inspire you.

6: Whatever the weather.Don’t forget essential weather-proof accessories! If it’s a winter wedding, a fur shrug; even in summer, don’t forget an umbrella! We have a bridal range to make it special and umbrellas are a great accessory to play with in photos.

7:Bag it up.Don’t forget a bridal handbag! Of course, your bridesmaids will be on hand to help but you should have your own ‘kit’ too, so you can top up a little foundation or eyeliner, plus make-up wipes incase you shed a few tears of happiness!

8  mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

8: Bling it up? Are you a sparkling bride or more quirky? It pays to choose the dream dress before shopping for your wedding accessories as this will set the tone for the whole look. One common mistake is too much bling. If your dress has a sparkly bodice, a large diamanté necklace with matching drop earrings may be overkill. Similarly, if your dress features pearls, avoid the sparkle and go for a subtle jewellery to enhance, not overshadow, your dress.