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Dream Wedding Planner Jeannie Savage Talks Wedding Trends

If you haven’t heard, we’re throwing a Dream Wedding for one special couple on June 4th. And because we want this wedding to be fabulous, we’ve teamed up with one of the best in the biz, Jeannie Savage of Details Details. As her company name would suggest, she is all about the details that make an event memorable, from donut walls to surprise entertainment. The California-based designer loves turning her client’s dreams into reality, infusing weddings with color and total imagination. We sat down with the style expert to get her take on the hottest wedding trends, the best way to personalize your wedding day and what you should totally splurge on (even if you’re working with a tight budget). We can hardly wait to see what she plans for Samantha and Taylor—be sure to tune in and watch with us LIVE!

Destination wedding ceremony

How did you get into wedding planning? And if you weren’t doing this, what would be your next dream job?

“I worked as a General Manager in the hospitality industry for several years prior to wedding planning which gave me the experience and tools I needed to best guide my clients in hiring vendors and planning their special day. My next dream job: chocolate maker or pastry chef. I love sweets but love the art of pastry and desserts more.”

White and gray wedding reception

What is your favorite element of a wedding to plan?

“The stationery! I love graphics… whether its mixed fonts or adding in the right artwork. I used to paint before I got “busy” so as an artist I love seeing the creativity and originality from graphic designers. Also invitations are not just about paper any more—I love printing on wood or etching on acrylic.”

Tall cream and pink rose centerpieces

What color schemes are you loving right now?

“Mixing pastels….I have a blush and pale lavender wedding where the bride is wearing a blush Vera Wang dress and the bridesmaids are wearing super pale lavender ones.”

Scenic wedding ceremony with apple blossoms

What decor element would you like to see retired?

“Mason Jars!”

Donut dessert wall

What are some of your favorite new trends—things you’re seeing slowly become popular or loved by couples?

“Edible party favors, but set up as a food stations—like donuts or soft pretzels with dipping sauces. The trick is to have it displayed when doors open. Or to add to the menu card that In and Out Burgers will be offered at midnight or that a Crepe Station will be open for those that plan to stay up all night.”

Bride and groom ceremony portrait

What should couples think about first when beginning to plan their wedding day?

“The head count. Many couples will reach out to us for a consultation and without a guest count, we can’t start looking for venues or discuss the budget.”

Outdoor family style reception

What are some ways couples can personalize their wedding?

“Entertainment for the guests that represent who the couple is— whether its synchronized swimmers, ballerinas dancing down the aisle or a bagpiper representing the couple’s heritage. Guests love a fun performance.”

Elegant white tented reception

If a couple is working with a tight budget, what are some things they should definitely splurge on? And what should they try and save on?

“Splurge on lighting, lighting, lighting, especially if it’s a night time event. If you don’t have the right lighting, no matter what you spend on the linens or flowers it wont matter. Save on the alcohol. It’s important to offer beverages and variety is nice, but its not a must to provide top-shelf open bar for six hours.”

Blue tinted ballroom reception

How are couples using technology in their wedding?

“Couples are using apps, such as Appycouple, to update guests with travel inforamtion or itinerary reminders upon arrival. Creating #hashtags to allow for photo sharing and viewing on social media remains popular. And setting up a Live Stream for elder relatives that cannot travel to the wedding. Or the videographers are creating a same-day edit to be shown after cake cutting, including highlights of the day.”

Elegant ballroom reception

What makes a fun wedding?

“The couple! Its not about having activities or games or unlimited alcohol, its about the mood of the couple. If they are having fun its contagious.”

Romantic bride and groom portrait

What’s the one etiquette rule you think it’s okay to break?

“Bouquet and garter toss. If there arent enough single ladies or it’s not culturally proper to ‘reach’ for the garter, pass.”

Romantic outdoor bride and groom portrait

What’s your best tip for being present on your wedding day and enjoying every second (even when things go wrong)?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff…if the wind shifted the program stack about three inches farther on the table than you wanted, its ok, no one will notice. Its about the time spent with family and friends and conversations to cherish. Or hire a wedding planner, she cant change weather, but she will fix the program stack!”