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5 Unique Destination Wedding Locations Ideas

Location is key for just about any type of venture you can think of—this doesn’t exclude your wedding. If you want to be a traditional bride in an untraditional setting, a destination big day could be the right move for you and your hubby. Some couples are turned off by nuptials abroad because of the cost and hassle of planning something far away from home, but with some careful planning, you will be in for the ceremony of your dreams. And the best part? A built-in honeymoon.

5 Unique Destination Wedding Locations:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada


I’m sure you had a feeling that Vegas would be included on this list, and with dozens of chapels along its famous strip, why wouldn’t it be?

The Vegas wedding is ideal for couples who want to elope quickly, but can also accommodate brides and grooms with full bridal parties and guests attached. Want to be married by Elvis? No problem. Rock on over to the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Really can’t wait to marry your honey? Head over to the “Tunnel of Love” and up to the “drive-thru” window at A Little White Wedding Chapel. Your nuptials can even be broadcast over the Internet for loved ones who couldn’t make the trip.

If you are planning a more traditional ceremony, Sin City has plenty of beautiful settings located in many of its hotels. A lot of hotel chapels offer packages that will help you save money on flowers, caterers, photography, and more—and many even have coordinators in-house who will help you with all of your arrangements.

One thing to note about a Vegas wedding, though, is to plan accordingly to season. As we all know, Las Vegas is located in the desert, so be prepared for the time of year in which you visit.

Viva, Las Vegas!

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Photo by Monica Lopez Photography

Cabo isn’t just for spring-breakers—the Mexican city remains one of the most popular places for Americans to get hitched. You can pretty much count on beautiful and perfect weather no matter what time of year it is, and if you’re inclined to have a beach ceremony, it’s not unheard of for unannounced guests like humpback whales and other ocean life to make an appearance.


Photo by Monica Lopez Photography

It’s relatively easy for guests to find a great place to stay because of the city’s plethora of hotels and resorts for a variety of different budgets, and you’d be hard-pressed to find locals who don’t speak at least some English. Even when the nuptials are over, bridal party participants and guests alike will have plenty of activities to keep them entertained like beach volleyball, snorkeling, hiking, golfing, and more.

And brides, let us not forget about the many spa treatments available! A massage on the beach sounds pretty heavenly.

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3. Florence, Italy


Photo by Kayla Groehler

Another unique spot to tie the knot includes the beautiful city of Florence. Deemed as one of the major art and history capitals of Europe and the birthplace of the Renaissance, you can find romance in Florence around just about any corner. For the more dramatic affair, la Salla Rossa or The Red Hall, is the most popular place in Italy for weddings and it’s easy to see why: The hall is decorated with incredible red carpets, drapes, and wall art dating back to its renovation in the 1860’s.


Photo by Kayla Groehler

If you get a chance to explore amidst your plans and celebrations, check out the many exhibits and museums located in Florence, including the infamous Uffizi Gallery featuring art by Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and more.

Florence is also home to some of the best Italian cuisine in the world, which could be the perfect touch to your dinner and reception.

4. Jamaica


Photo by Jody Savage Photography

This destination is definitely catered to the island-and-sun-loving among us. Couples have been traveling to Jamaica to get married for decades due to its beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and colorful culture. Jamaica offers plenty of options for lodging, and features many all-inclusive varieties—great for guests on a tight budget.

Bride-and-Groom-Kissing-on-Beach Bride-and-Groom-Walking-on-Beach

Photo by Jody Savage Photography

After the fun, plan a guided tour through the Blue Mountains where the island’s world-famous coffee is grown, sign up to swim with the dolphins, go snorkeling, or get on a raft to float down the Rio Grande River.

5. Alaska


Photo by Rachel Van Luyk

My personal favorite. This unique destination wedding location is geared toward the more rugged, adventurous couple—but don’t let the thought of snow and ice scare you—Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on earth offering scenic views of mountains, the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, lakes—really, you name it: Alaska’s got it. Even professional photography can’t do the view justice.


Photo by Rachel Van Luyk

Speaking from experience, I was a little weary to attend my best friend’s May big day in Alaska. Will it be cold? Should I be worried about bears? But everything was lovelier than I ever could have imagined. Alaska, believe it or not, is beaming with native culture and extravagant forces of nature—all at a cool 60 degrees in spring.

Before the sight-to-behold of a ceremony held on the beach of one of Alaska’s southern shores, we were treated to hiking, conversing with locals, a boat ride around the bay, and even halibut and king salmon fishing charters. Some of the guests actually rented an RV and drove into Denali National Park after the reception was over—if you love getting back to nature and spending time in the great outdoors, an Alaskan destination big day comes highly recommended.


Photo by Rachel Van Luyk

Becoming newlyweds in a new place—the best.

If you’re looking to get creative and explore somewhere new—or somewhere familiar that holds a special place in your heart—consider nuptials abroad a time to create new memories with all of the people you love. For me personally, the chance to get to a place I normally wouldn’t have gone is all the better excuse to leave no stone unturned in this outstanding world of ours.

Did you choose a unique destination wedding location? Share your memories with us in the comments below!

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