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Two NFL players take to the Arena Football League during lockout replica christian louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin For Sale During the NFL lockout, players are not held to the restrictions of their contracts and can virtually take part in anything they’d like to do. Bart Scott can continue to get into a wrestling ring. Ben Roethlisberger can jump on a motorcycle and ride around all he wishes. And players can even join other football leagues without being in violation.

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Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Troy Begeron has decided to head back to the Arena Football League where he originally started in the world of professional football, but he’s not the only one. Rod Windsor, a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, followed suit and has also signed with the league. louboutin replica

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Bergeron is still under contract with the Cowboys while Windsor is still under contract with the Browns. The respective NFL teams still own the players NFL rights. Following the NFL Lockout, players were permitted to sign with another league. christian louboutin replica

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“We assumed there would be players that would join the AFL. We are not sure how big the influx will be,” AFL Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz said. “We are confident that the NFL issues will be resolved and they will play this season. We work well in conjunction with the NFL and they have supported us and our players greatly.” buy louboutin replica

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Lobuoutin Replicas Before joining the Browns, Windsor played with the Rio Grande Valley Dorados (af2) in 2009. Windsor hauled in 184 balls for 2,364 yards and 59 touchdowns with the Dorados. Windsor was awarded Offensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year. In 2010, Windsor joined the Arizona Rattlers (AFL) and hauled in 193 balls for 2,372 yards and 47 touchdowns. His 2010 performance earned him AFL Rookie of the Year honors.

Christian Louboutin Outlet Bergeron played in the Georgia Force (AFL) in 2005, 2007 and 2008. In his three year AFL career, Bergeron was named to the AFL All Rookie Team (2005), won AFL Rookie of the Year (2005) and selected to the All Arena Second Team (2007).

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Could more be on the way to the AFL if the lockout continues? The league is only one game into the season so far and it could be just what players need to gain experience and stay in game shape. replica louboutin
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