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21 of the Latest Wedding Dresses We Can’t Stop Staring At

OMG…they’re here. The new fall collections are rolling in—and they’re fabulous.

Designers like Allure Bridals, Maggie Sottero, and Tara Keely have created some on-trend—dare I say it?—progressive styles that are showing off what’s in store for 2016.

Some 2015 trends will stay, and some have just begun to make their debut. Not all will enter mainstream bridal fashion (crop tops and capes are a bit bold), but those that have are making an impact. These unique new details are appearing on the latest 2015 wedding dresses—and they’re incredible.

latest wedding dresses

I’ve chosen 21—can’t believe I narrowed them down—to show off. I’ll point out their unique attributes and such, but mostly just rant and rave. I’ll just admit that now.

Alright, ladies! Here are the newest bridal gowns available…could one of them be the one?

Let’s find out.

21 of the Latest Wedding Dresses We Love:

From Allure comes another collection of unique, trend-setting looks:

Allure-9254 Allure-9250

On the left we have 9254, a fit-and-flare with a lot of flair. The embroidered bodice is crazy-detailed, so much so it can be seen from a distance (win!), and the skirt is a definite wow factor. I’ve noticed that wave details are starting to make an appearance on recent wedding dresses, via both patterns and shape. I think we know where Allure used them here! I also love how easy this gown would be to accessorize. Try an elegant chain for a simple complement, or go bold with a large statement necklace.

Next is 9260, a long-sleeved, lace fit-and-flare. Full sleeves are still ‘in,’ and I’m stoked about it. They’re so dang elegant, don’t you think? The V-neckline will flatter a lot of busts, and the illusion keyhole is a unique touch. Keyhole tops are going to be popping up everywhere. As for the back…c’mon. It reminds me of the Bella Swan dress a bit, with the illusion fabric, delicate buttons, and chic lace design.

Allure-Romance-2859 Allure-Romance-2866

2859 features a structured, lace bodice and flattering sweetheart neckline. The top of this gown is very “Allure” if you know them well, but the bottom caught me off guard. Feathers began to adorn gowns earlier this year (shocking, I know), and they continue to float down the 2016 runways. Real feathers tend to be too avant garde for the average bride, but Allure managed to get the look without the birds. Doesn’t this textured skirt pull it off?

2866 shows off another 2016 fad: short wedding dresses. I love the A-line silhouette (imagine the twirl potential), as well as the supportive sweetheart top. This design is ideal for a casual big day or reception.

Allure-Romance-2863 Allure-Romance-2863-Back

I had to show you the back of 2863—it makes the dress. The halter is chic for 2016, but the illusion on this one is unique. If you’re an easy-breezy bride searching for comfort, the tulle and chiffon skirt will appeal to you. And the beaded sash saves you an accessory search. I think this gown will be a hit…it reminds me of 2716 with an updated neckline. What do you think?

Sottero and Midgley proves it’s all in the details:

Sottero-and-Midgley-Beckett Sottero-and-Midgley-Fatima

We literally just got these gowns in and I had to add them to this post. I mean, look at Beckett on the left. Stunning beadwork on a slim, A-line silhouette. I’m obsessing over the details! The supportive cap sleeves and illusion back? You’ll look beautiful from every angle.

Fatima is just as detailed but in a totally different way. The long sleeves on this design are much more boho, which is new for Sottero and Midgley. They’re usually all over the glam, and I think this style shows off a new side of their creativity. And, yes, that belt comes with it!

Sottero-and-Midgley-Elita Sottero-and-Midgley-Jaimeson

Elita shows off the 3D effect many of the newest bridal gowns are achieving. Details, once simple appliqués or stitching, are now literally popping off the fabric. You can see fabric floral accents scattered about the bodice and skirt, a soft contrast to the intricate beading. Don’t forget that an A-line is universally flattering.

I know Jaimeson is different, but that’s why I had to give it a shout-out. For starters, a structured bateau is the definition of elegance. Second, can we talk about the lace? So bold. So beautiful. And that illusion back? Incredible. Okay, I’m done.

Maggie Sottero makes a statement:

Maggie-Sottero-Vaughn Maggie-Sottero-Vaughn-Back

Oh, Maggie…you continue to wow. Vaugh’s illusion long sleeves are above par. And they seamlessly flow into an elegant illusion neckline. These lace features combined with the chiffon, sheath silhouette give off a vintage vibe (and we all know Maggie loves vintage). Notice the subtle heart shape on the illusion back? Thank you, Maggie.

Maggie-Sottero-Marnie Maggie-Sottero-Pierce

Then there’s Marnie, a sheath featuring a low back that’ll make jaws drop. And while delicate, those straps will offer a lot of support. If your personal embodies romance and femininity, you may have just found the one.

I’ve read that the latest bridal wear is made up of underwear. That doesn’t sound very chic, but Pierce proves it can be. Notice the slightly sheer, corset bodice? And that very low V-back adds even more sex appeal. But against all odds, Pierce remains elegant. That’s takes talent. Kudos, Maggie.

Tara Keely impresses me yet again:

Tara-Keely-TK2551 Tara-Keely-TK2551-Back

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tara Keely bridal gowns. They’re unique without being over the top. This designer has fantastic editing skills, always focusing on one or two details so everything remains sleek. Take TK2551, for example. It features long, illusion sleeves and a dramatic keyhole back, but the sheath skirt is as simple as possible.

Tara-Keely-TK2558 Tara-Keely-TK2550

TK2558 focuses on texture. The brocade skirt has a simple shape, but the fabric choice makes it stand apart. The neckline is two in one! A sweetheart underlay and a bateau illusion. Don’t worry, the back is nice and low to show off some of that glowing skin.

TK2550 is full of surprises. I appreciate the curvy lace details on the V-neck which balance the sheath, crepe bottom. And then you turn around…BAM! An incredible, oh-so low, back with out-of-the-box appliqués.

Mori Lee knows women:

Julietta-by-Mori-Lee-3184 Julietta-by-Mori-Lee-3188

The new plus size gowns arriving for fall 2015 are just as fabulous as the rest—maybe even more. Julietta by Mori Lee has designed a net fit-and-flare that reminds me of Mori Lee 5108 with a little more oomf. The layered ruffles on 3184 give off that feathered vibe I talked about before, and the ruching on the bodice will make sure you feel confident. Let’s not forget the lace-up bodice that’s ideal for anyone nervous about alterations. It’ll give you some wiggle room in case you fluctuate at all after the final fitting. P.S. This gown is under a grand!

3188 lacks no glam. This A-line is topped off with an illusion neckline and cap sleeves. And no need to worry about accessories thanks to the array of crystal embroidering and appliqués. If the silhouette makes you nervous, don’t worry. The skirt will highlight your stunning curves while gently flaring out into the sweeping train. This shape along with the details on the overlay will make sure you feel comfortable all night long.

Mori-Lee-2773 Mori-Lee-2789

Okay, I love 2773. It may appear simple, but look closer. The lace on this fit-and-flare is gorgeous, especially as it trickles off the bodice onto the netting of the skirt and train. The V-neckline will draw eyes downward to your narrow waist, and support the girls as you dance the night away. The back is beautiful, too! It scoops low and leads into a manageable row of dainty buttons. This “simple” style is timeless and easy to accessorize.

2789 is definitely not simple. The beaded illusion neckline is breathtaking. The satin lining pairs beautifully with the lace overlay. The back allows your glowing skin to peak through, but remains supportive and chic. And finally, this dress is available in light gold! Talk about luxurious. Glam is back, girls!

My top pick from the latest wedding dresses:


This design caught my eye immediately and I had to show it off. I mean, I’d definitely wear this on my own big day! Tara Keely has designed a soft, feminine A-line with details I’ve never seen before. The V-neck top is sheer, a huge trend for 2016. It flows into an all-chiffon skirt that will catch a breeze like none other. As for the back—I’ve never seen one like it. I love racer backs since they’re incredibly flattering. This appears to be a racer back, but hold the phone! It’s an illusion with appliqués that create that shape we all love. Watch out, designers. It has officially been brought by Tara Keely.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly “narrow it down.” It was just too hard! The new fall collections are impressive. What looks did I miss? Shop now and share your favorites!

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