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(You can see more than 100 red carpet photos there.)

But that doesn’t mean that Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Hilary Swank weren’t fabulous, he says. Blanchett
fake Michael kors handbags outlet broke new fashion ground in an original Valentino Couture gown in yellow gold silk taffeta with a satin burgundy sash.

"She’s an original. She made the gown her own and she showed us new fashion directions with the light and dark color and the brooch on the gown," he says. "It was an architectural gown without being too overpowering."

Swank surprised red carpet watchers in her midnight blue Guy Laroche gown. She was expected to wear a Calvin Klein dress, Julian says.

Swank’s dress, which covered every inch of skin in the front and dipped oh so low in the back, showcased a major trend of the evening bare backs instead of decolletage.

Stars also paraded in an array of perfect dark dresses, from Hayek’s sexy Prada gown to Kirsten Dunst’s pretty lace dress by Chanel.

With a few exceptions, most bright colors
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All the women wore gowns that were beautiful
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"What made this year so different is the construction, the haute couture. They weren’t just wearing simple sheaths of fabric," Julian says.

Instead of a parade of barely covered breasts, the red carpet this year was all about baring
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet those backs. When Hilary Swank spun about and showed her cut to there gown and a cut physique to match, we immediately started Googling for boxing lessons. Wow. Look at all these beautiful backs:

Hilary Swank’s midnight blue Guy Laroche gown looks demure in front, but check that sexy back.

Sideways’ Virginia Madsen spun around on the red carpet to show off a beautifully bustled Versace couture creation.

All this, and she gets Antonio Banderas,
Cheap Michael Kors handbags too. Melanie Griffith’s back story has us convinced that she is surely one worked out girl.

This year, the stars left the piles of baubles at home and stole
discount Michael Kors the colors of jewelry box metals for their gowns instead. Golds, silvers and champagne beiges were the night’s biggest color story, from Catalina Sandino Moreno in crisp diamond white to Halle Berry in a dress that resembled poured platinum. It’s as if having Joan and Melissa Rivers’ knife edged tongues back on the red carpet sent everyone scrambling for safety in armor colored couture. Just look:

Showing off her skin in spring’s hottest shade, Hotel Rwanda’s Sophie Okonedo glows in a white Rochas.

Winningly bohemian and glamorous, too, Natalie Portman looks like a Grecian gypsy in Lanvin.

When does this woman not look perfect? Really, we’re waiting. Halle Berry is stunning in an asymmetrical silver Versace dress. (And do you know how toned you have to be to wear that kind of shimmery fabric? Jeez.)

The man who takes home Penelope Cruz wins the night’s most coveted golden statuette. Cruz’s gown was custom made
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Working the night’s bare back trend in a beautiful way, Catalina Sandino Moreno takes a turn in Roberto Cavalli.

Ah, Oprah, a golden girl indeed in a tailored, off the shoulder Vera Wang gown that highlights her lovely little waist.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: