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Fun Wedding Favor – Cookie Jars

cookie jars

It’s been well established by now that I’m a huge fan of edible wedding favors. So imagine my excitement when I saw this personalized cookies jar!

These cookie jars are quite possibly the best wedding favor ever, especially since they come in various sizes from a 5 ounce paint can all the way up to a 40 gallon container.

Forty gallons of cookies? Yes, please.

Although I will admit that the 5 ounce paint can version is my favorite – it’s so cute and fun! The 5 ounce pint container is also great.

No matter what size container you choose they come filled with four different flavors of cookies (your choice): brownie crisps, confetti cookies, chocolate chip, or “plain janes.” Each container is decorated with a personalized ribbon and label.

Your guests will LOVE this edible wedding favor!

You can find these cookie jar favors here.