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Kennedy Blue Spring 2015: Trend-Setting Style

Kennedy Blue is a bride-to-be’s dream. This line is dedicated to filling your special day with quality, comfort, and cohesion. Which is exactly why we’re dedicating this post to their brand new spring line!

This designer has amazed us once again with their spring 2015 collection. I thought it would be easy to pick out a favorite from the stunning variety, but boy was I wrong! The romantic styles make it impossible to even choose a top 3. We think you’re going to love this collection just as much as we do, and here’s a few reasons why.

Laura and KB Tie

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Kennedy Blue 2015: Defining the trends.

From the silhouettes to the color palette, Kennedy Blue is flawless this season.

Create your perfect palette.

If you search bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest, I’m guessing you’ll notice two things right away: Airy colors in an ombré of shades for one bridal party. I like absolutely everything about this. A soft palette is such a romantic element to add to all the love on your big day. If you’re like me, you know that a blush colored gown might not flatter your fair complexion. As much as I adore the color, I know that it’s not my best. It’s the hottest trend, so what do you do? That’s why a bridal party ombré is amazing. Kennedy Blue offers a variety of colors in similar, soft hues that allow your ‘maids to blend their favorite colors while still getting a cohesive appearance.

KB Londyn and Charlotte Kennedy Blue Ashton

Industry-defining details.

1. Lace: Designers across the board have jumped on the lace bandwagon this season—and we’re not complaining. While KB offers all-lace looks, the 2015 collection is composed of lace and chiffon gowns. This line officially has the largest variety of lace and chiffon bridesmaid gowns in the industry. Since brides can’t get enough of the two fabrics, they decided to combine them! KB is taking mix-and-match dresses to a whole new level. Why follow the trends when you can create them?

2. Illusion Necklines: This is by far my favorite designthis season. Don’t believe me? Check out all of my latest purchases. The vintage look is my go-to for the season because of the elegance, class, and flair it adds to any ensemble. The great thing about this neckline is that it allows you to show a little more skin in a unique way, while still providing coverage that’s comfy and appropriate.

3. A-line: This classic silhouette does wonders on basically all body types. You can’t even call this a trend because it’s a timeless silhouette. Kennedy Blue wants you to rock the season’s latest, but also reminisce on your wedding pictures without cringing for years to come. By owning this classic design and pairing it with fun details fit for the times, KB has designed a collection with you in mind. That has always been their mission, and I think they’ve succeeded.

Kennedy Blue Kinley Kennedy Blue Delilah

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And on budget.

Worried about cost? With KB you don’t have to. This modern designer is dedicated to offering brides quality options at prices within their budgets. These affordable bridal party dresses will leave you feeling worry-free and your girls feeling like a million bucks—without spending it.

Another flawless thing about them? These aren’t the bridesmaid monstrosities your mother may have been forced to wear back in the day. KB’s fabulous styles are extremely versatile, meaning you’ll be able to wear them again! KB uses fabrics, colors, and designs that translate well from the big day to day-to-day. That means restyling these fabulous numbers is easy. Throw a sweater or jean jacket on, mix up accessories, wear flats, and you’ll have the perfect ensemble for another occasion—even more bang for your buck!

Kennedy Blue Ashton and Camilla Eggplant Kennedy Blue Sienna and Kylee

How do you mix-and-match Kennedy Blue?

Not all bodies are created equal, so why dress that way? With products that blend together flawlessly, suiting your entire bridal party doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Kennedy Blue makes mismatched bridal party attire easy and stunning.

There are a few fun ways to give the mismatched trend a try, so if you’re feeling a little intimidated by it, fear not! Here are a few of our suggestions:

1. Different Necklines: With Kennedy Blue, your ladies will have no trouble finding a fit that looks fabulous on them. Becausethe same fabrics and hues are used, mixing necklines is an extremely subtle way to try the trend and make your ‘maids happy.

2. Different Colors, Same Palette: Like I mentioned above, not all skin tones look amazing in the same colors. As I explained above, the ombré bridal party has made its way onto our Pinterest boards, so now it’s time to welcome it into our big days. Choosing colors with similar tones and hues allows your ladies to pick a shade that looks great on them without creating a chaotic rainbow. With this form of mix-and-match, you can choose one design or let your ‘maids pick their own neckline. It sounds overwhelming, but compare our color swatches next to each other and you’ll see that this is a very do-able and beautiful trend.

3. Different Styles: This is probably the most daring of our options, but if it’s done right, it’s just as charming as the rest. KB makes this option easy as they offer full-length and knee-length styles. Because the fabric and hues are the same, this option can be done tastefully. It allows your ‘maids to find the perfect pick for them, and makes sure there’s no gaudy distractions from you! Win win.

Kennedy Blue Alexa KB Brooke

At Home Try-On: Online shopping just got easier.

Maybe not all of your bridesmaids are in one centralized location. They may even live across the country! This can make dress shopping stressful, to say the least.

At the Wedding Shoppe, we understand busy schedules, and it’s our mission to make bridesmaid shopping a breeze. With our convenient At Home Try-On service with Kennedy Blue, your ‘maids don’t have to rearrange their lives to slip into one of these amazing gowns. Everyone can try on their top styles from the comfort of their own home. Here’s how:

  1. Request a Kennedy Blue dress to try on at home for just $10. Fill out the form below or call us at 1-877-294-4991.
  2. Try on your sample dress and return it to the Wedding Shoppe after 3 days, using the provided shipping bag and label (free shipping both ways).
  3. Order your perfect style, color, and size online with the Wedding Shoppe!

This service is available for single or group orders! Learn more about our must-try options:

Single Order  Group Order

Need another reason to love our At Home Try-On Service? We also send you a measuring tape and color swatches to help you choose the final look. All of which you get to keep!

A 2015 collection so ‘easy to love.’

It’s pretty easy to see why we’re swooning over Kennedy Blue’s new bridesmaid dresses, and the entire collection in general. The romantic styles, airy colors, and reasonable price are enough to make us fall in love. Add in the mix-and-match possibilities and our At Home Try-On ease, and you’ve got yourself the perfect line.

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