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White Wedding Cake with Flowers

white wedding cake

Since a good portion of the country is buried in white fluffy snow, it seemed appropriate to focus on an all-white wedding cake today.

Granted this cake is way prettier than any pile of snow – and it won’t make your toes cold either!

You know I’m a sucker for traditional all-white wedding cakes – call my old fashioned but I like traditional cakes. Sure a pop of color or a whimsical cake is good every now and then, but I like white cakes.

The fun part about an all-white wedding cake is you could surprise your guests with fun cake flavors – chocolate, red velvet, or even something crazy like blue velvet cake.

I really love the smooth, stark white icing on this cake paired with the white flowers. Just imagine how fun it would be to cut into the cake and find a non-traditional cake flavor!

You can find this wedding cake here. It was created by Confectionery Designs.