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Fun Wedding Favor – Tea Drops

tea drops

Due to the never-ending winter here in the Midwest I have recently become a fan of hot tea.

There’s nothing quite as soothing as a cuppa steaming hot tea on a cold winter day.

And given this new-found love of tea I just had to share these incredible tea drop wedding favors I found!

These “tea drops” are condensed from organic tea and raw sugar and formed into bundles of tea.

And, each flavor is represented by a different shape. Sweet peppermint is heart-shaped, citrus ginger is star-shaped, and rose earl grey is also star-shaped.

The tea drops come individually wrapped so they would make the perfect favors for your guests! You could even place a bowl of tea drops at each table and let the guests choose their flavor.

The tea drops can be purchased as all one flavor or in a combination box.

You can find these flavored tea drops here.