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Winter Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Style

No matter the season, bridesmaid dresses are a big part of your wedding. They help cultivate your theme in a powerful way, giving your guests a glimpse into your vision. If you’re having a very formal wedding ceremony, the gowns should reflect that. You probably want something floor length and classic. If you’re having a more light-hearted ceremony, you want a look that’s fun and flirty. Whatever your wedding style is, we have winter bridesmaid dresses to fit the occasion.


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Winter bridesmaid dresses to fit your theme.

1. Formal

If you’ve been dreaming of a black tie ceremony since you were a little girl, then floor-length silhouettes are the obvious choice. For traditional winter weddings, go with dark colors. Shades of navy, black, purple, and deep green are all wonderful choices.

After-Six-6673 After-Six-6674

These classic colors will give your gowns a luxurious look without the price tag. Winter fabrics to consider are silky satin or taffeta. If you have your eyes on chiffon (flattering and comfortable), search for unique details or glitzy accessories to upgrade the design.

2. Holiday

57-Grand-5716 57-Grand-5715

Having a holiday-inspired ceremony? Try a style in dazzling gold or silver! Add a statement necklace or a bracelet to complete the look, but be careful with over-glitzing. If you want to be really festive, try a deep red bouquet.

D500-red D569-navy

The key to holiday attire is avoiding the clichés and remaining subtle. Bright reds and greens could come off as cheap. Stick with hues like burgundy and forest green, or luxurious metallics, and keep your girls looking classy. What about sequins? I give the go-ahead, just make sure they’re high-quality!

3. Casual

bill-levkoff-496 Bill-Levkoff-768

Some of my favorite winter bridesmaid dresses are ideal for a casual big day. If you’re going for a low-key look, try short sleeves. If the material and silhouette are dressy, the sleeves give it an effortless feel that will complement an understated ceremony.

Watters-Ash-Bridesmaid Watters-Willow-black-lace

You can also choose a sleeveless or strapless neckline and supply cardigans, flannels, or cute shawls for your ‘maids. Heels are an obvious choice, but have you considered boots for footwear? Even boot socks that reach to the knee are an on-trend accessory! Maybe they’re too casual for the ceremony, but get some great shots in the falling snow!

These three distinct wedding styles mean very different winter bridesmaid dresses. Which style is closest to your own? How did you winterize your bridal party? Join the conversation in a comment below!

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