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These High School Sweethearts Got Engaged in a Photo Booth (You Definitely Want to Watch the Video!)

Couple gets engaged in a photo booth Kevin Moran via YouTube

Photo booths at weddings are always fun, and having a hidden engagement photographer is a rising trend —  so why not combine the two and plan a photo booth engagement? Kevin Moran did just that and decided to propose to his unsuspecting high school sweetheart, Molly McGinnis, on their seventh anniversary in a photo booth mid-snap. And yes, it’s just as sweet as it sounds, especially since he was so nervous to flip open the ring box with one hand!

“Messed it up quite a bit beforehand too, glad it worked out when the pressure was on,” Kevin wrote on Reddit, where he originally posted the video a month ago. “I was super nervous actually! I was doing my best to not show it, glad I was convincing! … Nerves went to relief and excitement right after she said yes though.”

Watch it below:

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