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Spring 2015 Maggie Sottero Dresses | Our Favorites

The new Sottero collection arrived a few days ago, and I’ve been itching to write about them. It’s rare that a collection wows me from beginning to end—and I’ve seen a lot of lines come through our doors. The spring 2015 Maggie Sottero dresses—all of them—are stunning. They fulfill many of the season’s top trends, but seem to be starting a few themselves! Cap sleeves, metallic appliqués, and illusion everything appear throughout the entire collection. Some of the strapless gowns even feature attachable cap sleeves! How handy, Maggie.

I could go through each design and tell you why they’re “pretty” or “unique,” but how does that really help you? Instead, I’ve narrowed down the large collection to 20 that have those traits many brides desire. Fit, a low price tag, destination-ready, drama…there are 10 things brides tend to look for in a wedding dress—these 20 styles have fulfilled at least one. So what are you dreaming up for bridal attire? Which Maggie may be the ‘one’?

2015 Maggie Sottero Dresses: What Brides Want

Maggie-Sottero-Corrina Maggie-Sottero-Lacey-Fit-and-Flare

1. Flattering Fit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Fit should always come before fashion. The go-to silhouette for any body type is an A-line. It highlights the natural waist and gradually flares out. Corrina has this always-flattering shape, along with the popular sweetheart neckline. The look is simple, but it makes the bride shine.

My second choice is Lacey, which reminds me of a very popular style from another designer (Mori Lee 5108). It’s fitted, but if you have and hourglass figure this gown will highlight your curves in all the right places, and the flattering ruching will do wonders as well.

Maggie-sottero-Florence-A-line Maggie-Sottero-Paulina-Marie

2. Affordable

Every bride loves to save—I don’t care what you budget is. If you can get a high-quality dress for a low price, you have the best of both worlds. Maggie Sottero prices have a small range, but a majority are less than $1,500. Some are even less than a grand! Florence is the most affordable design in the new collection. This all-tulle ball gown is $799, and quite stunning. Notice the ruched heart on the top? Paulina Marie is a lace and organza fit-and-flare for just under $1k.

Maggie-Sottero-Breanna-Lace Maggie-Sottero-Darla

3. Lace

The fabric of the decade…lace bridal gowns have been on-trend for years now, and it’s no wonder. They’re romantic, luxurious, and fit right into the top wedding themes (boho-chic, rustic, vintage…the list goes on). There are plenty of looks featuring this fabric in Maggie’s line, but she tends to focus on appliqués, rather than all-lace styles. There are a few gorgeous options, and I chose to highlight two here. Breanna has a sheath silhouette, draped in an elaborate lace overlay (the details are crazy). And that back? Yum. Darla is right on trend with illusion long sleeves and a form-fitting bodice. The back is also lace illusion, with delicate buttons completing the detailed dress.

Maggie-Sottero-Elana Maggie-Sottero-Chante

4. Body-Hugging

So many brides bring in photos of body-hugging styles that show off the curves—especially that booty you’ve worked so hard on. I love a woman who owns her curves, and it seems Sottero does too. A lot of the new designs are form-fitting, especially the fit-and-flares and sheaths. This line prides itself on the “Maggie Fit,” and they should! Check out the structure of Elena, plus that corset back will help out with any last-minute weight fluctuation. There’s also Chante, which has a similar style but a bit less drama in the flare

Maggie-Sottero-Bettina Maggie-Sottero-Deandra

5. Unique

I explained that this line was one of my all-time favorites, and a lot of that has to do with the variety. In most new lines, you’ll find one or two gowns that stand out. It may be because of their color, details, or silhouette—but it’s usually just one element that makes it “unique.” Now look at the spring 2015 Maggie Sottero dresses and pick just one you find unique…tricky, isn’t it?

I think a lot of that has to do with the consistent dedication to detail. Notice all the metallic lace appliqués? A very modern touch on an old style. The beading is intricate, the silhouettes are bold, and the drama is oh-so-high. However, there are still a few simple—even modest—options available. “Simple” probably isn’t the right word, but when you compare an ivory, all-lace sheath vs. a blush fit-and-flare with cascading ruffles, well…you get my point.

I managed to choose two styles that stood out to me. The first would be Bettina, which looks like something Scarlet O’Hara would wear. Deandra is much different, since the volume alone goes down about ten notches. The illusion neckline seems like an elaborate necklace, and it extends down the back with elegance. I have never seen anything like it, and I look at bridal gowns all day.

Maggie-Sottero-Ettia-Gatsby Maggie-Sottero-Meg

6. Vintage-Inspired

I’ve always said that Sottero is the go-to designer for Gatsby. Since the 1920’s are becoming less popular in the industry (we’ve moved to the 30’s, actually), you won’t find as many flapper-inspired designs this year. However, there are less obvious vintage-inspired traits found throughout the line. Plenty of lace, beading, and high necklines. The most obvious vintage look is obviously Ettia (Oh, the detail!). I also picked Meg, which has a flattering ruched silhouette and crystal appliqués.

Maggie-Sottero-Joy Maggie-Sottero-Isla-Destination

7. Destination

Many brides choose to get married in a tropical location, and destination wedding dresses require very different things. Lightweight fabric, short trains, and a more “casual” vibe are all traits brides ask for. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend Maggie for beach attire, but she has a few chiffon options this year that would work. On the left we have Joy, a gorgeous chiffon sheath with a glitzed keyhole back (very Hayley Paige). The flowing fabric will catch the breeze just right. I also chose Isla, which has the same silhouette with much less volume

Maggie-Sottero-Jade Maggie-Sottero-Camelia

8. Backless

If you want to show a lot of skin without getting any raised eyebrows, go with an open back. Backless wedding gowns are everywhere this season, and frankly I love the drama. Jade (my favorite dress in the entire collection) has an incredible open back with a flattering band cutting through at the natural waist. Camelia may appear modest in the front, but that coverage allows for a deep V in the back. Just make sure your seamstress sews cups into your top, or you find a bra that works. You still need support!

Maggie-Sottero-Yasmina Maggie-Sottero-Aurora

9. Dramatic

This line lacks no drama, but I chose a few that have a bit more flair. I’m realizing now that both of my choices feature cascading organza skirts, a fit-and-flare silhouette, and plenty of beading. If you want to make an impact, turn heads, drop jaws, etc…these are the designs you’ve been looking for.

Maggie-Sottero-Vanja-Black-Lace Maggie-Sottero-Serencia-Blush-Ruffles

10. Color

2015 calls for a variety of colors, especially pastels and metallics. I’ve already pointed out the abundance of metallic lace appliqués found here, but I want to point out the colors as well. Vanja features delicate, black appliqués, which complement the modern sheath design and illusion bateau neckline. Then there’s Serencia—a gown that could belong in a number of these categories—and her blush ruffles and exquisite beading. An amped up version of Divina, a very popular style from year’s past.

What are you looking for?

Did I miss a trait you’re dreaming of? Which Maggie Sottero dresses deserve a shout out? Join the conversation in a comment below!

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