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Pnina Tornai Gave Us All The Details About the ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ Wedding Dress She Designed!

Pnina Tornai is no stranger to designing bold, sexy wedding dresses — so it’s fitting that the Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld designer was asked to create a gown especially for a Las Vegas wedding! Well, a Las Vegas wedding in New York City, to be specific. Pnina was tasked in making a wedding dress for Broadway’s new musical Honeymoon in Vegas, starring Tony Danza, in collaboration with the show’s costume designer, Brian Hemesath — and after we saw the beautiful, light-as-a-feather tea-length creation, we had a few questions for her.

The Knot: What inspired the Honeymoon in Vegas wedding dress?

Pnina Tornai: I tried to imagine a wedding in Vegas, and came up with a dress that’s comfortable to dance in — not like a huge ball gown — and something that a bride could wear for a real wedding, even though it’s for a fantasy wedding. I wanted something shorter, something nice and light.

TK: Did you get any ideas from your latest collection?

PT: Absolutely! The dress has beading, and light organza fabric that’s glamorous but just precious enough. There are definitely lookalikes from my line.

TK: What are your thoughts on getting married in Vegas?

PT: I would love to! But I’m already married. Maybe I’ll go to renew my vows.

TK: What are your favorite wedding dress trends at the moment?

PT: My last collection was all about very sexy dresses with surprise removable skirts, so brides can have both looks in one evening. She can wear a full ball gown for the entrance and ceremony, and then remove the skirt and enjoy the evening. I also love open backs and lots of bead work.

TK: What do you think about the third dress trend?

PT: I think the more dresses, the better! You only have one night like that, so you might as well go all the way. I wore three dresses when I got married 16 years ago! I had a ceremony gown, a dancing dress and a beautiful denim separates ensemble embroidered with stones. I’m happy about this trend. It’s about having more fun. It’s all about the bride!.

See the dress Pnina designed for Honeymoon in Vegas below:

Honeymoon in Vegas scene

Honeymoon in Vegas

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