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Meet The Knot Dream Wedding Contestants!

Get excited for our favorite wedding of the year: It’s time for The Knot Dream Wedding voting to commence! Last year, we threw Boston marathon couple Rebekah and Pete an unforgettable wedding at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, with your help. From the wedding dress to the venue, America voted for all the details, and now it’s time to vote for the couple that will have the wedding of their dreams in 2015!

So how can you participate? Starting today and throughout the next few months, we’ll be asking you to vote here on all the details of The Knot Dream Wedding — but without further ado, meet the six couples below!

Haley & Ronnie

Haley and Ronnie, Dream Wedding Contestants

Haley Kopcho, 26, a singer and songwriter

Ronald (Ronnie) Ficarro, 33, a bassist and composer 

From: North Hollywood, California

Describe your relationship in 3 words: Rock and roll!

Why do you think you deserve to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple? Although we are still a bit far from reaching it, we represent two people who at all cost, have followed their dreams and were lucky enough to find love along the way. Much like the sacrifice and compromises two people make when they enter a marriage, we stepped off the easy road to risk making a path of our own. We would be absolutely ecstatic to have a wedding to represent the gravity of our love!

Melanie & DJ

Melanie and DJ, Dream Wedding Contestants

Melanie Notch, 24, a fashion buyer 

Donald James (DJ) Fisher, 26, a civil engineer for the US Air Force

From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Describe your relationship in 3 words: Authentic, everlasting and whimsical

Why do you think you deserve to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple? From military deployments to financial struggles, our relationship has endured constant sacrifices, but we have never lost hope of creating our dream wedding. We refused to settle for anything short of extraordinary in hopes to truly showcase our love on our special day, but that has proven to be a difficult task throughout these last few months. To win the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding would be nothing short of a miracle, as it would allow our day to be one of love, laughter and happiness, rather than anxiety and stress. It would allow us to create an unforgettable day, giving us a picture perfect memory to cherish throughout our lives, future and frequent time apart.

Marisol & Alex

Marisol and Alex, Dream Wedding Contestants

Marisol Sigala, 24, a pediatric nurse

Alexander (Alex) Adewunmi, 23, a legal assistant and law student

From: Fort Worth, Texas

Describe your relationship in 3 words: Unwavering, blessed and dynamic

Why do you think you deserve to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple? Alex has the most serving heart I’ve come across — he has always given faithfully and is a role model for so many people. Our desire is to be married before he starts law school but we’ve had to re-arrange timing because of finances and realistically, we would have to wait until June of 2016 to be able to celebrate with family the way we would like. I’m the first in my family to go to college, and I think aside from being individual role models, we are a true testament to the love that can flourish from being kind, patient, supportive and allowing others to know what it means to be accepting. We would be humbled to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple!

Sam & Taylor

Sam and Taylor, Dream Wedding Contestants

Samantha (Sam) Carisch, 28, an interior designer

Taylor Sinclair, 29, a former MiLB pitcher and a sports medicine sales consultant

From: Redondo Beach, California

Describe your relationship in 3 words: Smitten, spontaneous and supportive

Why do you think you deserve to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple? Life has challenged our relationship in numerous ways and has yet to affect how incredibly in love we are and our ability to grow even closer as a couple! Our first year and a half together was long distance which others thought would be too difficult, but we used it to our advantage and had the most fun-loving dating experience you could imagine. As far as wedding planning have gone, we called off our destination wedding plans in October when my mom’s multiple sclerosis unexpectedly progressed and re-planned it in California, only to cancel our plans once more in December when her cancer returned and I moved home to care for her full-time. Having America’s help to get our wedding back on track brings tears to our eyes knowing that we would be able to share an uplifting journey, which may be our last “big life moment” with all of our loved ones.

Jaimee & Caitlin

Jaimee and Caitlin, Dream Wedding Contestants

Jaimee Nadell, 32, an attorney

Caitlin Miller, 30, a registered nurse

From: Asbury Park, New Jersey

Describe your relationship in 3 words: “When ya know…”

Why do you think you deserve to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple? Cait and I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a large group of supportive family members and friends. That support has made Cait and I the kind of people who are proud of who we each are individually and who we are as a couple. While we have many gay and lesbian friends, we don’t know many who have gotten married, either because they were not entitled to legally or did not feel comfortable doing so. We feel fortunate that we have this opportunity in New Jersey and we would feel honored to be able to create a spectacular evening with all of our loved ones with the help of The Knot. We think it would go a long way to show people just how meaningful the celebration of a wedding is to same sex couples.

Blue & Don

Blue and Don, Dream Wedding contestants

Alysia (Blue) Bluesette Palmoutsos, 34, a TV producer and designer

Donald (Don) Phillips, 36, a TV producer and a cameraman

From: Los Angeles, California

Describe your relationship in 3 words: Random, fun, adventures

Why do you think you deserve to be the 2015 Knot Dream Wedding Couple? I would’ve proposed to Blue sooner but I wanted to wait until we were more financially secure.  Earlier this year, Blue’s mom was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, and she put everything on hold to be with her mom.  I decided that what mattered wasn’t the finances, but that we wanted to get married. We decided that we were going to trust that the finances would work themselves out. We even both had a dream on the same night that we would wind up having our dream wedding.

So, who should it be? You decide!

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