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Can You Tell If The Flowers on These Wedding Cakes Are Fresh or Sugar?

Whether they’re fresh or sugar, flowers are a classic way to embellish your wedding cake. But sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two —  we look at wedding cakes and flowers all day long, but sometimes even we’re stumped! Here’s why it’s so hard to tell the difference: Some cake artists are so skilled at creating lifelike looking blooms and leaves that you may not be able to tell them from the real thing. And there are florists who pick just the right flowers and arrange them in a way that they look too perfect to have grown naturally.

Think you can tell the difference? Test your wedding cake flower spotting skills and see whether you can tell if the flowers on each of these cakes are fresh or sugar. Scroll to the bottom to check the answers (no peeking!).

Are the Blush Roses on This Ruffled Cake Fresh or Sugar?  

Ruffle Cake With Blush Roses | Allan Zepeda Photography |

Alla Zepeda Photography

From the album: A Biltmore Estate Wedding in Asheville, NC

Are the Ombre Mini Roses On This Classic Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Ombre Mini Rose Flowers | Caroline Tran Photographer |

Caroline Tran Photographer

From the album: An Oheka Castle Wedding in Huntington, NY

Are the Coral Roses and Dahlias on This Gold Painted Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Orange and Coral Wedding Cake | Connection Photography |

Connection Photography

From the album: A Grand Ritz Palm Wedding in Duck, NC

Are the Roses and Eucalyptus Leaves on This Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Rose and Eucalyptus Covered Wedding Cake | Vicki + Erik Photography |

Vicki + Erik Photography

From the album: A Hartford Golf Club Wedding in West Hartford, CT

Are the Marsala Roses and Orange Orchids on This Metallic Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Metallic Cascade Wedding Cake | Abby Jiu Photography |

Abby Jiu Photography

From the album: A Potomac View Terrace Wedding in Washington DC

Are the Pastel Flowers and Dusty Miller on This Mint Green Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Mint Green Pastel Wedding Cake | Laura Yang Photography |

Laura Yang Photography

From the album: A Casements Wedding in Ormond Beach, FL

Are the Dark Red Peonies on This Tall Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Dark Red Dahlia Wedding Cake | Todd White Photography |

Todd White Photography

From the album: A Romantic Post Card-Inspired Shoot in Dripping Springs, TX

Are the Bright Orange and Yellow Flowers on This Patterned Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Orange and Yellow Wedding Cake | Matthias Photography |

Matthias Photography

From the album: A Bright Autumn Wedding at a Private Residence in San Francisco, CA

Are the Roses on This Romantic Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Pink and White Wedding Cake Flowers | Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography |

Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

From the album: A Riverside Yacht Club Wedding in Greenwich, CT

Are the Pink and White Peonies and Roses on This Swiss Dot Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Pink and White Wedding Cake | Elisa B. Photography |

Elisa B. Photography

Are the Pink Peonies on This Cake Fresh or Sugar?

Pink and White Wedding Cake With Damask Print | mark davidson photography |

mark davidson photograph

From the album: A Classic Seaside Wedding in York, ME

From top to bottom: Sugar, Fresh, Fresh, Sugar, Sugar, Fresh, Sugar, Fresh, Sugar, Fresh, Sugar

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