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Are Everyday Staples Like Toilet Paper and Laundry Detergent Off-Limits For My Wedding Registry?

Technically, you can register for anything with a barcode, but that doesn’t mean you should. And that brings us to the odd reality that a few Knotties are chatting about over on our Registry and Gifts community board: Some couples are actually registering for everyday staples like laundry detergent, Blu Ray movies, and yes, toilet paper. We’re all about adding non-traditional pieces to the registry like bicycles and grill sets for the backyard, but anything that belongs in a pantry or underneath a sink probably doesn’t belong on the wedding registry. Of course, as always, there are two sides to the story.

On Registering For Everyday Staples

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On Sticking To The Traditional Pieces

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1. Skip the items that might be on your weekly shopping list…

…and pick gifts that you’ll want and need for years to come. It’s less about how much the gifts on your registry cost (in fact, it’s a really good idea to register for gifts at a range of prices), but the reason why guests give gifts in the first place. Think about it this way: Your wedding is a major life event, and your guests want to give you something that’s meaningful and that fit’s your personality. That’s why a vintage bottle of your favorite whiskey is a great gift (because you’ll likely sip it together on special occasions) but a 12-pack of soda isn’t. Similarly, Blu Ray movies should really only be on your registry if the two of you are major movie buffs.

2. Put a few gift cards on your registry instead. 

Putting a gift card on your registry lets guests know where you’d like a gift card to and that it’s an option. Add to that, gift cards will make some guests more comfortable giving you cash if its in the form of a card. Consider this too: You may be able to return duplicate or gift you’ve changed your mind on for a gift card. No need to tell your guests about the swap (just thank them for the gift they originally gave if you do end up returning it).

Let your friends and family add on the staples themselves.

If they know you’re coffee lovers they might pair together a new coffee maker along with coffee beans and a pack of coffee filters so you have everything you need to start brewing right away. (PS If you’re going to a wedding and on a budget, this is a genius way to put together a thoughtful wedding gift with lower-priced registry pieces).

Know your crowd.

In some social circles, “pounding parties” (where guests bring items to help fill the couple’s pantry) are totally normal. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s friends hosted a pounding party for them a few days before their wedding. If that’s the case in your culture, then go for it! But even at a pounding party, typically the couple being honored doesn’t put the items they want on a registry — guests just bring staples they think the couple will need.

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