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Purple Pansies Tutorial

Purple Pansies Tutorial

Georgia Glynn Smith

Ingredients (to make 12
cakes, each with one pansy)

● 30cm square chocolate
cake (makes smaller cakes)

● 400g buttercream

● 250g white flower

●   Food paste
colouring in Violet (by Wilton)

● Craft dusting colour in
Ultramarine (by Sugarflair), Black Magic and Primrose (by

● Violet extract, to
taste (around 1tsp)

● White vegetable fat

● Vodka

● Cornflour in a muslin
pouch, for dusting



● the basic kit

● Large pansy cutter

● 1.5cm piping tube

● CelStick

● Plastic piping bag

● fine artist’s brush

● Veining stick


To recreate the

You will need 24 round, 5cm-diameter layers cut from a 30cm
square chocolate cake.



Mix the flower paste with the violet food paste colouring
to create a lilac shade. If the paste feels stiff or sticky
add some vegetable fat and knead.

Roll it out until 1mm thick and cut out the petals. For each
pansy, you will need two small and two large teardrop-shaped
petals, plus a large petal shape.

Place the petal shapes for the first pansy on the foam mat.

To make the petals curl up, ball them with the CelPin

Emboss by rolling the veining stick across each one with the
thin end pointing towards the thinnest part of the petal

Lay on a board lightly dusted with cornflour and frill the edges
with the CelStick.   

To assemble the flower, brush the right side of one large
teardrop with a small amount of edible glue and stick the other
large teardrop petal next to it, slightly overlapping (4).

Brush the bottom edge of both petals with edible glue and attach
the two smaller teardrop petals, slightly overlapping the large

Pinch the narrow end of the largest petal to a tip, brush the
middle of the pansy with edible glue and attach the petal with the
blunt end of the fine artist’s brush, so it is centred beneath the
four teardrops. Place the pansy into the well of your
flower-drying tray (5).

Repeat and leave to dry.

Dust the outer edges of the pansies with ultramarine dusting
powder and the centres with primrose petal dust.

Mix the black dusting powder with a drop of vodka to form a
thick paint and, using the fine paintbrush, draw lines from the
petal centres outwards (6).

Mix the buttercream with the violet food colouring to make
a medium lilac. Flavour with violet extract to taste.

With the piping bag, sandwich together two cake layers
with a blob of buttercream. Pipe another blob of buttercream
on top of the cake and then place one of the pansies in the

Repeat for all the