Table Decorations

Ribbon Place Names

Ribbon Place Names

For a pretty and super-simple place name, combine white
card with luxe ribbon and some clever styling. 

Print names on to white card. Cut these into rectangles and stick
on to coloured card, leaving a thin border. Slice a slit either
side of the name and feed the ribbon through, creating a loop big
enough for a napkin to fit behind the card (2). Once the napkin is
in place, pull the ribbon tight and cut the ends into a V-shape to

White card, £3.80 for 10 A4 sheets, and peach card,
60p per A4 sheet, Pink ribbon with gold trim,
from £1.25 per m, Lyndons Stitch & Beads 020 7727 4357. Side
plate, 21p, to hire, Dinner plate, wine glasses,
napkin, cutlery and tablecloth


As seen in the January/February 2014 issue
of Brides