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KossyGates is a key brand belongs to Miaomiao Leather Business Group. In 1920, young cobbler Carlos Dickson and his girlfriend Kossy Gates left Paris to thier birth place America. At that time, Carlos Dickson had studied in Paris, the famous leather city, over than ten years. And he had become a well-known senior leather technician. For his creative design ideas and careful manufacture, many top-class people asked him to make top leather. Then he came out an idea of creating his own brand in homeland. After going home, to thank his girlfriend for having not leaving him, he named his brand with Kossy Gates.

Maybe for the love power and pursuit for the career, Carlos has flow of design inspirations. When the brand published, it become popular among local young women for the trendy style and rich colors. Then his leathers are created more boldly and creatively. He not only absorbs international top leather style, but add some present elements to create simple and timeless style for young women. Untill now, KossyGates handbags become more and more popular in Europo and America. It is not just a love story, also a show of beautiful and wisdom.

Recently, KossyGates products are sold in many countries, such as America, Britan, Russia, France, Germany, Nertherlands, Singapore and so on.

As a women bag brand, KossyGates aims to deliver loving life and protecting environment ideas. The voguish style and rich colors help women to demonstrate happy and young life as twenty- three.