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The Cross-border Cooperation of L & C Leather Kobo and Shanghai Arrail Dental

L & C Leather Kobo Case

L & C Leather Kobo is the present domestic luxury care and maintenance industry pioneer, and far ahead of rivals in the industry, the Shanghai Plaza L & C Leather Kobo flagship clubs opening more lays the first position in luxury care and maintenance. In 2011, L & C Leather Kobo also won the Chinese luxury goods ceremony comments “revisit classic – the best after-sales service luxury providers”. Today, to celebrate the brand has entered the Chinese market for four years, and it has more than 60 stores in top luxury shopping center of 35 cities, which is an important achievement of the L & C Leather Kobo.

This summer, L & C Leather Kobo is still in the national scope looking for business partners which can demonstrate the core values of the brand, these values are beautiful rebirth, sustainable luxury, constantly looking for innovation, the philosophy of these ideas happens to have the same view with Shanghai Arrail Dental enterprise philosophy, this contributes to the cross-border cooperation of these two industry leaders ranked first in their respective fields. The event gives both members beautiful rebirth and fashion in this summer, focusing on enhancing self-confidence in the summer, behind the charming smile, the bag is more shining.

Every summer, the leather bag on our body is always eroded by sweat, or bright candy-colored bags in fashion this year because of isolation, the color will fade, in the face of such a beloved bag, it is pity to abandon it. L & C Leather Kobo can bring satisfaction and surprise for such picky distinguished guests. As to every luxurious treasure, L & C Leather Kobo senior technicians treat their work as an artist, full of feelings. In the past few years, L & C Leather Kobo has been formed with the customer solid relationship. Because of superior quality, L & C Leather Kobo not just provides the services for customers, but more presents a romantic, beautiful rebirth. This summer, the cooperation with Arrail Dental also gives the L & C Leather Kobo customers more pursuit of beautiful experience, you can not only has the new bag, but also can go to Arrail Dental to have mouthguard experience, so your smile will more self-confidence.