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Recognize the Whole Through Handbag Match

FY Cambridge Colorblock Satchel

How important is a handbag to a woman? Most women have an experience that we feel unsafe to go out without a handbag only if we just buy something at a alleyway. A handbag is not only for storing things and protecting goods when going out, but a tasteful show that has something to do with your whole modeling.

The vintage long gown can be dressed as an upper garment or a dress. The white shoulder bag is a wise choice to match the dress to show a fresh appearance.

A manager of a famous brand store told me that he judge a potential customer according to her bag instead of noticing her dress. In his opinion, choosing or matching bag is more difficult than choosing clothes. If you want to learn about the taste of a woman, look at her handbags. That is recognizing the macro through a micro.